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Why I Returned My Nike+ Fuelband

not for that

Less than 10 days ago, you might recall that I was a proud owner. After wearing it for 6 days in a row and chatting with other owners, I stopped wearing it for 4 days. I did not miss it and it didn’t change my daily routine. Don’t get me wrong the Nike+ Fuelband is a great tech gadget. It works well. I enjoy it for what it does but it doesn’t do what I want. I returned it because it feels short of my expectation.

What I found out is that most happy owners like the Fuelband because it motivates them to walk more. I already walk a lot. I easily do 10,000 steps every day, often more. Continue Reading

Work and Life

My New Gadget: The Nike+ Fuelband

nike+ fuelband white ice

June 26th, 2013 Update: Before you buy yours, read first Why I returned my Fuelband

It has been a while since I had my eye on a Nike+ Fuelband. Yesterday, I took the plunge. The reason why I bought a Fuelband is to help be more active. Yes, I wish to look better in my bikini but my real motivation is to stay healthy. Following my toddler boy around helps me but I want to do more. For the past 6 months, I try, without success, to add a daily yoga session to my routine. Between my work schedule, the household tasks and making dinner, I don’t seem to find the time to squeeze a yoga break. I wish that by raising the bar of my Fuel goal, I would have no choice but to integrate yoga in my life. Continue Reading


Cool Organizing Gadgets for your iPhone and iPad

cord wrap by bobino

It was my birthday this weekend. I received wonderful gifts from my friends and family that show that they know what I like. I am sharing those two gadgets because I feel that they could be useful for you.

Cord Wrap by Bobino

It happens to me all the time. Each time that I answer a call with your iPhone, I need to ask the caller to wait while I untangle my iPhone earbuds. My Cord Warp designed by Bobino, and distributed by Kikkerland, solves this problem without taking space in my bag. The Cord Wrap comes in three sizes: the small one is for earbuds, a medium size organizes most of your usb computer cables while the larger size is designed for slightly longer and thicker cords such as your laptop cable. Continue Reading


Gadgets that Work: EyeBods Eyeglass Holder

EyeBods eyeglass stand

I like to say that I lost my sight giving birth. The day after his birth, my arms became too short to see clearly what was on the screen. The previous day, I was able to type holding my iPhone 8 inches from my eyes — I had pictures to prove it!. Frankly, I can’t really complaint since my presbyopia occurred at 47 years old. Before that, I only had difficulties reading fine prints written with low contrast font. Continue Reading


On my Wish List: The Sticks Silicone Moulds by Lekue

make your own bread sticks

make your own bread sticks
photo: Lekue World page on Facebook

Sticks is a silicone mould that let you greet your guests this holiday season with 30 delicious, crunchy homemade bread sticks. Cooking time is 15 minutes on the oven, or 5 minutes on the microwave. I see it as a perfect bakeware tool for the hostess.

What I like about the Lekue Sticks mold is that the stocks are the right size to be served as appetizers.

lekue sticks
sourcing: Lekue Sticks

They are not just for appetizers. You can serve bread sticks, instead of crackers, with a warm soup at lunch time or you can include them in your dessert table. On Lekue Web site, I found two basic savoury bread stick recipes  (parmesan and orange sticks, black olive sticks) and three basic sweet bread stick recipes (spice sticks, cacao sticks, citrus sticks).

bread sticks with a soup for lunch

I already own the Decomax. Since I really want them, I ask a local shop to investigate if they could order them for me. I have my doubts since Sticks is a new product that seems to be available only the European site. Fingers crossed!


Karoto, the Vegetable Sharpener, Peeler and Curler

karoto sharpener and peeler

karoto sharpener and peeler
photo: Karoto for Monkey Business $15 USD

If you are looking for a small and unique hostess gift, have a look at Karoto. When Israeli-based designer Avichai Tadmor imagined Karoto for Monkey Business he started by enlarging the basic pencil sharpener. He then added a vegetable peeler to one end. The end result is a 3-in-1 kitchen gadget that lets you peel, sharp and create curly ribbons from vegetables.

Available in yellow or black, Karoto makes it easy to style carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers for a vegetable platter or a salad. And the best things is that everyone will be able to give you a hand with your food preparation.

You can watch this short video to see Karoto in action. At $15 a piece, you may want to stock a few for your small Christmas gifts.

+ via designboom


Tatau: A New Kitchen Knife Collection by Alessi

tatau knife set

tatau knife set

Anna and Gian Franco Gasparini designed for Alessi a 5-knife collection with a unique design feature. Grip styles and food icons that identify the knife usages are printed on the blade like tattoos. That explains the name tatau, that is tattoo in Polynesian.

tatau knife printed instructions on the blade

Each knife has a symbolic name: “Peel” (paring knife), “MPK” (small cook’s knife), “Thick” (the traditional chef’s knife). “Thin” (filleting knife), “Tusk” (for bread and crust desserts). You can buy each knife separately or as a set. The Tatau knife collection could make a nice graduation gift or for someone who is new to cooking.

+ Tatau Kitchen Knife from $42 to $69 USD at Alessi



Amusing Chop Knife by Normann Copenhagen

chop knife

chop knife

No, these are not donuts! Lucidipedere Studio created for Normann Copenhagen a fun version of the classic mezzaluna. I always use a mezzaluna to chop herbs. Believe me when I tell you that the round shape of the blade makes it more comfortable and efficient to chop herbs.

A pretty coloured rubber band hides the handle, and the blade when it is not in use. I predict that you will not want to hide the Chop Knife in a kitchen drawer. I only wish that they sell it with a mezzaluna cutting board.

+ Chop Knife by Normann Copenhagen $35.19 at Scandinavian Design


Add Color in the Kitchen: Joseph Joseph Kitchenware

joseph joseph stretch trivet pot holder kitchenware

You don’t need a designer’s eye to spot the biggest trend of the year – just walk into your favourite décor and fashion shops and it will be everywhere you look: color! (Just ask Pantone’s colour of the year, Tangerine Tango!)

But with so many shades to love and choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and just as easy to go overboard. Keep it simple by adding color through accessories, whether they’re on your sofa, perched on a shelf or found around your neck.

Love your all-white kitchen but want to inject a jolt of color? Don’t pull out the paint just yet. Contemporary kitchenware design company Joseph Joseph creates clever and cool tools in shades of hot pink, chartreuse green, vibrant purple and more. When you’re ready to return to minimalist land, just tuck them in a drawer until your next kitchen encounter.

Here are a few of our faves:

Scoop Colander, $7
Wire-mesh scoops work well for Asian cooking, but small pieces of food require a finer sieve. We love this scoop colander because it eliminates the cumbersome process of draining liquids from a pot, and works well as an everyday serving utensil.

joseph joseph scoop colandar twist whisk

Twist 2-in-1 Whisk, $10
When is a whisk more than whisk? When a simple turn of the handle transforms it from sauce stirrer to egg white whipper. Store it folded flat to maximize storage and keep other utensils from becoming tangled.

Arena Self-draining Dish Rack, $45
If you have to do the dishes, you might as well stack them in style. Though not made for large loads (it will hold up to four place settings), this round design slopes toward the sink so water can easily drain. This is a great option for small kitchens without a lot of counter space.

joseph joseph arena dish rack kitchenware

Stretch Expandable Silicone Pot Stand, $16
The problem with most trivets is that you need more than one to accommodate large sized platters and or multiple pans. The Stretch pot stand does just that to fit a variety of cook- and servingware.

joseph joseph stretch trivet pot holder kitchenware

+ Joseph Joseph



Colorful Y-Peelers

colorful y-peelers

colorful y-peelers

I am a huge fan of Y peelers. It’s probably because that was the favorite potato peeler of my mother. Still to these days, I use the straight peeler once in the blue moon. Brands have made them more cheerful. Here is a round-up of what is available if you are in the market for a colorful y-peeler.

Since I think that every kitchen needs two y-peelers, the set of 3 Swiss Classics by Kuhn Rihon (1) will enable every family member to participate in the preparation of dinner. This 20-year old product is proven and tested. It includes the handy potato eye remover on one side. Beware that you must hand wash them.

Karim Rashid designed a curvy ceramic blade y-peeler for Slice (2). The advantages of a ceramic blade is that it supposed to last longer than a steel blade, plus it won’t brown food, transfer smells, or leave a metallic taste. The built-in potato eye is located at the top center.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can for the $2 STÄM Peeler (3) from Ikea. It goes in the dishwasher but it lacks the potato eye.

Speciality Blades

Swissmar Y-peelers with three edge types

Swissmar produces peelers with three edge types. The scalpel is what we all know. The serrated edge is made to handle the skins of delicate fruits and vegetables while you can easily create julienne sticks with the julienne edge. They are dishwasher safe.

+ Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peelers $11.95 USD for set of 3 at
STÄM Peeler $2 CAD at Ikea
+ The slice Y-Peeler $14.99 USD at Slice
+ Swissmar Y-peelers $14.72 USD for set of 3 (scalpel, serrated, julienne)  [affiliate link]