On my Wish List: The Sticks Silicone Moulds by Lekue

make your own bread sticks

Sticks is a silicone mould that let you greet your guests this holiday season with 30 delicious, crunchy homemade bread sticks. Cooking time is 15 minutes on the oven, or 5 minutes on the microwave. I see it as a perfect bakeware tool for the hostess.

What I like about the Lekue Sticks mold is that the stocks are the right size to be served as appetizers.

lekue sticks
sourcing: Lekue Sticks

They are not just for appetizers. You can serve bread sticks, instead of crackers, with a warm soup at lunch time or you can include them in your dessert table. On Lekue Web site, I found two basic savoury bread stick recipes  (parmesan and orange sticks, black olive sticks) and three basic sweet bread stick recipes (spice sticks, cacao sticks, citrus sticks).

bread sticks with a soup for lunch

I already own the Decomax. Since I really want them, I ask a local shop to investigate if they could order them for me. I have my doubts since Sticks is a new product that seems to be available only the European site. Fingers crossed!

+ photo at the top: Lekue World page on Facebook

  • Alex
    November 20, 2012 at 17:25

    I looked up this mold since it seems great. I live in the USA and saw that they do ship it to Canada and the USA from their Spanish site, in case anyone wants it badly enough:

    Thanks for all those trends!

  • Lékué
    November 27, 2012 at 08:05

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