Colorful Y-Peelers

colorful y-peelers

I am a huge fan of Y peelers. It’s probably because that was the favorite potato peeler of my mother. Still to these days, I use the straight peeler once in the blue moon. Brands have made them more cheerful. Here is a round-up of what is available if you are in the market for a colorful y-peeler.

Since I think that every kitchen needs two y-peelers, the set of 3 Swiss Classics by Kuhn Rihon (1) will enable every family member to participate in the preparation of dinner. This 20-year old product is proven and tested. It includes the handy potato eye remover on one side. Beware that you must hand wash them.

Karim Rashid designed a curvy ceramic blade y-peeler for Slice (2). The advantages of a ceramic blade is that it supposed to last longer than a steel blade, plus it won’t brown food, transfer smells, or leave a metallic taste. The built-in potato eye is located at the top center.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can for the $2 STÄM Peeler (3) from Ikea. It goes in the dishwasher but it lacks the potato eye.

Speciality Blades

Swissmar Y-peelers with three edge types

Swissmar produces peelers with three edge types. The scalpel is what we all know. The serrated edge is made to handle the skins of delicate fruits and vegetables while you can easily create julienne sticks with the julienne edge. They are dishwasher safe.

+ Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peelers $11.95 USD for set of 3 at
STÄM Peeler $2 CAD at Ikea
+ The slice Y-Peeler $14.99 USD at Slice
+ Swissmar Y-peelers $14.72 USD for set of 3 (scalpel, serrated, julienne)  [affiliate link]