Tatau: A New Kitchen Knife Collection by Alessi

tatau knife set

tatau knife set

Anna and Gian Franco Gasparini designed for Alessi a 5-knife collection with a unique design feature. Grip styles and food icons that identify the knife usages are printed on the blade like tattoos. That explains the name tatau, that is tattoo in Polynesian.

tatau knife printed instructions on the blade

Each knife has a symbolic name: “Peel” (paring knife), “MPK” (small cook’s knife), “Thick” (the traditional chef’s knife). “Thin” (filleting knife), “Tusk” (for bread and crust desserts). You can buy each knife separately or as a set. The Tatau knife collection could make a nice graduation gift or for someone who is new to cooking.

+ Tatau Kitchen Knife from $42 to $69 USD at Alessi