Cool Organizing Gadgets for your iPhone and iPad

cord wrap by bobino

It was my birthday this weekend. I received wonderful gifts from my friends and family that show that they know what I like. I am sharing those two gadgets because I feel that they could be useful for you.

Cord Wrap by Bobino

It happens to me all the time. Each time that I answer a call with your iPhone, I need to ask the caller to wait while I untangle my iPhone earbuds. My Cord Warp designed by Bobino, and distributed by Kikkerland, solves this problem without taking space in my bag. The Cord Wrap comes in three sizes: the small one is for earbuds, a medium size organizes most of your usb computer cables while the larger size is designed for slightly longer and thicker cords such as your laptop cable.

iPad iBed by Kikkerland

ipad ibed by kikkerland
photo credits: iPad iBed by Kikkerland

The second gadget is handy for surfing the Web or reading a digital magazine on a tablet. Contrary to what you see on the picture and on the press releases that many blogs have taken for granted, I don’t agree that you can safely enjoy breakfast in bed while reading the newspaper on your iPad. The iPad iBed is not designed to hold steady a cup of coffee in my humble option (yes, I watched The Good Wife on TV). But the stand is great for taking notes, which I usually do when I surf the Web and read a digital magazine with my iPad.

I was able to fit my iPad without removing my protective case, which is very practical. I still have the iPad 1 with Apple case.

If you have geeky friends or you want to better organize your tech, put these two items on your buying list.

  • Lisa @ This Beautiful Day
    May 23, 2013 at 16:41

    I actually just bought the exact same cord wrap tool for my car! I was so sick of my auxilary cable for my iPod lying everywhere that I bought this. It’s made everything a lot neater.