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Rethinking The Office Space Design with MyWorld by Philippe Starck

connected sofa for you home office

This picture illustrates well what many of us do in our living room on weekends or late at night. We browse the Web, answer emails, blog, write reports or read a book on a couch thanks to our tablets and laptops. The couch was not designed for these tasks until now.

myworld sofa for cassina

When Philippe Starck designed MyWorld for Cassina, he brought the sofa to the digital age. Thanks to the accessories, you can customize My World to fit your needs and preferences. It is built as a self-contained system that provides you comfort, the functionality of modern lifestyles and a degree of privacy. It can be used in a corporate office or at home.

powermat and cabled boxes

The boxes come in two high-tech versions. The electric sockets and cables will vary according to the country (Europe, UK, USA). The cabled version has a pull-out container, an internal storage space, electric sockets, a USB charger and a pull-out tray while the Powermat adds a black inductive charger and Smartphone receiver on top of what is in the the cabled version.

myworld by philippe starck for cassina

As I look at these pictures, I wonder if this is not a glimpse of what is the future of office space design. I don’t suggest that you get rid of your desk. It is useful to perform administrative tasks. If your job description involves engaging with customers online, content creation, brainstorming, and problem solving, where would you prefer to sit? Would you be more productive if you were sitting in a comfy sofa or big chair, equipped with all the connections that we need to charge our digital equipment, instead of sitting at your desk? I know for a fact that my best ideas never came to me when I sat at my desk.

photos credits: MyWorld sofa by Cassina