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Boxbee: Simple Urban Storage Delivered at Your Door


Many urban apartments and condos lack closets and storage space. Nobody wants overcrowded closets or filling their small spaces with large storage units. And for many people, renting a locker would be a waste since it will be almost empty. Boxbee is a startup from San Francisco that offers a storage alternative for those city residents. It provides a hassle-free solution for storing out-of-season things and other things that you rarely use. Continue Reading


Eight Bar Cabinets: From Small Sideboards to Single Towers

Maxine Bar Cabinet :: crate and barrel

If you entertain guests often at home, you certainly appreciate the virtues of a well-designed bar cabinet. It saves you time since you don’t have to set up the bar each time that you throw a party. Living in a small spaces can be challenging when it comes to finding the right furniture. I found eight bar cabinets that would fit in any small space apartment or condo.

A small sideboard is my preferred choice due to its versatile use.  You could even consider buying two small sideboards, instead of a double sideboard. Having two small sideboards provides more flexibility if you change often your furniture placement. When the sideboards are tightly side by side, most people will not notice that you have two. Continue Reading


Three Sofas for Small Spaces

elise sofa at eq3

Here are three stylish sofas for Canadian city dwellers. These sofas look great and they will not overwhelmed your space.

Option 1: Elise Sofa

elise sofa at eq3
EQ3 just added Elise to its sofa collection. If you order this vintage style apartment sofa online, you will get a choice of 3 colours (taupe, charcoal and linen) and two leg types. Elise Sofa $1,199 CAD at EQ3

On a design note, I like the color accents brought by these simple solid cushions.

Option 2: Vaughn Apartment Sofa

vaughn apartment sofa at crate and barrel
My second option will also please fans of mid-century design that care for the environment. The Vaughn Apartment Sofa features a low extended back, slim track arms and an eco-friendly construction. $1,499 USD at Crate & Barrel. Check at your local store for the price in Canadian dollars.

Option 3: Cedric Loveseat

cedric loveseat at urban barn
Upholstered in a neutral soft grey fabric, my third suggestion features the tailored, masculine vibes that are in vogue this fall. Cedric Loveseat $849 CAD at Urban Barn. Your Union Jack pillows will fit well with this style.


My Place: I Want One or Two Knitted Poufs

knitted pouf living room

Every year, I feel the same when the cold weather arrives. I want to fill my home with a warmth feeling. I crave for knitted throw and wool. Add to this, the fact that my son just started to crawl and you will understand my appeal for one or two knitted poufs. They are comfy as an occasional seat or a footrest. Plus, they do not take a lot of floor space. Finally, the soft edge of poufs made them safe and fun to play with for my baby. Continue Reading


A Collapsible Dining Table

modern scandinavian restaurant

modern scandinavian restaurant

It is just after I checked the furniture used for this modern Scandinavian restaurant that I realized that the dining table they used was collapsible.  Simsalabim can be used a sideboard or a dining table. This feature comes handy when you are having a party since you can create more floor space and still have a serving station.

This is not a new design. Börge Lindau, the late founder of Blå Station, designed this multi-purpose table in 1993. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where to buy it. Simply for the concept, it is worth sharing it.

+ Simsalabim
+ restaurant photo: Kvadrat


Small Space Living: Staircase Storage

staircase bedroom drawers

staircase bedroom drawers

If you have a set of stairs in your home, chances are your small space isn’t as small as you think it is. That said, when you think about the “footprint” of a staircase, it’s easy to see wasted storage potential – particularly underneath.

Here are a few innovative ways that homeowners have re-claimed this typically underused space.

This staircase-bedroom combination shown on Home-Designing helps max out vertical space in a small New York apartment. The home owners created a guest bedroom and lounge area with an elevated sleeping area. The stairs themselves are actually drawers in disguise, providing plenty of storage for clothes and other essentials.

staircase shelves drawers storage

Likewise, this ladder/staircase hybrid crafted by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri / Copenhagen Joinery leads to a raised sleeping area in a child’s room. It’s a modern twist on bunkbeds, only here the stairs do double duty as shelves for toys and books, with even more storage in the build-in wardrobe.

Floating staircases may look contemporary, but they can also showcase contemporary clutter. Since they’re on wheels, these DIY storage units would be a great option for a finished basement/family room, providing easy access place to stash toys or seasonal items. Check out the complete builder’s plans from Workbench Magazine.


Small Space Living: Moses and Roman’s Closet Bedroom

Just because they’re little people, doesn’t mean they don’t come with a lot of stuff. That’s why this two-kid room – formerly just a closet in a one-bedroom apartment – is particularly amazing. Moses and Roman’s mom, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, paired down their room to a stylish, colourful space that any kid would love to be in.

kids room small space closet

She used the smartest small-space design trick in the book by using vertical space to create bunk beds that work for both children.

kids room small space closet

Bright linens and well-chosen toys and decor elements make what would be an otherwise cramped space cozy and inviting. The It’s Beautiful Here Coat Rack says it all.

See more of the closet’s evolution on Oh Happy Day.

+ Photos via Oh Happy Day


Office Desks for Two

office desk for two

desk for two :: as seen as merry mishap

A challenge for couples who live in a small spaces is the office. They often lack the space to put two desks. Since most people nowadays rely only on their laptops, an easy solution is a single long desk where you sit side by side. I scoured the Web and discovered 3 potential solutions for you.

One option is to custom built your desk. This is easy since what you basically need is a work surface and legs. You can find a wood desktop at a home improvement store or lumber store; they will cut it to your specifications. Then, simply apply 4 coats of a water-based wood finish like the Varathane Diamond Wood Finish. Ikea’s VIKA MOLIDEN legs will give you a similar look and feel.

desk for two

Or you may be lucky enough to find a tabletop that fits like a glove. This was the case of  the next couple. They simply had to assemble a 78″ tabletop and five VIKA FURUSUND legs that they bought at Ikea. As you can see there is plenty of space to put two iMac with big monitors.

besta burs desk combination

The last solution is the BESTÅ BURS desk or if you want some upper cabinet, the BESTÅ BURS workstation, also from Ikea.

+ Chalkboard DIY from A Merry Mishap
+ A Desk Transformation on Apartment Therapy – photo by Meg Lewis
+ VIKA MOLIDEN legs $15 CAD | At Ikea USA $15 USD
+ VIKA FURUSUND legs $10 CAD | At Ikea USA $10 USD
+ BESTÅ BURS desk from Ikea $299 CAD | At Ikea USA $249 USD
+ BESTÅ BURS desk combination $449 CAD | BESTÅ BURS workstation $349 USD


Kitty Teepee and Faux-Fur Skin by Loyal Luxe

cat recycled cardboard teepee by loyal luxe

cat recycled cardboard teepee by loyal luxe

Pets are like kids, they like to be entertained. Pet toy makers do not always pay attention to style. This is not the case of Loyal Luxe, a Montreal-based company that produces adorable recycled cardboard cat houses. I introduced last year, their first product, the Cat Cabin. A couple months ago, they launched a cute teepee. You know how I like teepee (or tipi) for kids and grown ups.

faux bearskin cat and small dog carpet

Loyal Luxe also added a beautiful faux-bearskin for cats and small dogs to their collection. I know for a fact that cats go for anything with fur or faux-fur. We bought several years ago two RENS sheepkins for our cats. They were delighted! Since then, I repurposed the sheepkins as small bed carpets for my husband and I. During the colder months, I now lay a faux-fur throw at the end of our bed so the cats know where to sleep. What I like about a cat rug is that it takes less space than a pet pillow. Plus, it is easier to store away when you do not wish to have it in your decor.

Going back to Loyal Luxe, they transformed a traditional Canadian icon by mixing a synthetic bearskin on one side with a red plaid fabric on the other side. More bearskin colors and fabric patterns are available on their online shop to suit your taste or decor.

+ Native American Teepee $24 CAD
+ Faux Bearskin $30

+ Canada: RENS sheepskin $39.99 CAD
+ USA: RENS sheepskin $24.99 USD


Useful Space-Saving Kitchen Gadgets by Progressive

progressive collapsible salad spinner

progressive collapsible salad spinner

I became a fan of collapsible kitchen tools since I bought my collapsible strainer. Now that I have seen the Progressive collapsible salad spinner, I am tempted to replace my reliable Zyliss salad spinner. I am not alone who appreciate its efficient since this collapsible salad spinner was a product design 2010 red dot winner.

lettuce, fresh fruit and veggie keeper by progressive

Another useful  product is the Lettuce, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Keeper.  It comes in 2 sizes. The larger of the 2 containers has a divider to allow you to store more than one type of produce. Progressive says that you will be able to keep fruit, lettuce, and vegetables fresher longer for up to approximately 2 weeks. There is also a small berry keeper which is mostly designed for raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

+  Progressive collapsible salad spinner $29.95 USD at Sur la Table
+  Lettuce, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Keeper $10.50 on, smaller $8.00 USD