Small Space Living: Moses and Roman’s Closet Bedroom

Just because they’re little people, doesn’t mean they don’t come with a lot of stuff. That’s why this two-kid room – formerly just a closet in a one-bedroom apartment – is particularly amazing. Moses and Roman’s mom, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, paired down their room to a stylish, colourful space that any kid would love to be in.

kids room small space closet

She used the smartest small-space design trick in the book by using vertical space to create bunk beds that work for both children.

kids room small space closet

Bright linens and well-chosen toys and decor elements make what would be an otherwise cramped space cozy and inviting. The It’s Beautiful Here Coat Rack says it all.

See more of the closet’s evolution on Oh Happy Day.

+ Photos via Oh Happy Day