Office Desks for Two

office desk for two

desk for two :: as seen as merry mishap

A challenge for couples who live in a small spaces is the office. They often lack the space to put two desks. Since most people nowadays rely only on their laptops, an easy solution is a single long desk where you sit side by side. I scoured the Web and discovered 3 potential solutions for you.

One option is to custom built your desk. This is easy since what you basically need is a work surface and legs. You can find a wood desktop at a home improvement store or lumber store; they will cut it to your specifications. Then, simply apply 4 coats of a water-based wood finish like the Varathane Diamond Wood Finish. Ikea’s VIKA MOLIDEN legs will give you a similar look and feel.

desk for two

Or you may be lucky enough to find a tabletop that fits like a glove. This was the case of  the next couple. They simply had to assemble a 78″ tabletop and five VIKA FURUSUND legs that they bought at Ikea. As you can see there is plenty of space to put two iMac with big monitors.

besta burs desk combination

The last solution is the BESTÅ BURS desk or if you want some upper cabinet, the BESTÅ BURS workstation, also from Ikea.

+ Chalkboard DIY from A Merry Mishap
+ A Desk Transformation on Apartment Therapy – photo by Meg Lewis
+ VIKA MOLIDEN legs $15 CAD | At Ikea USA $15 USD
+ VIKA FURUSUND legs $10 CAD | At Ikea USA $10 USD
+ BESTÅ BURS desk from Ikea $299 CAD | At Ikea USA $249 USD
+ BESTÅ BURS desk combination $449 CAD | BESTÅ BURS workstation $349 USD

  • hearttypat
    March 3, 2011 at 10:37

    i love the look of the first pic!! and those chairs! i saw them in a store just recently… i so wanna get them!

  • Kim
    March 3, 2011 at 11:39

    Pat, my husband gave me the rocking chair version of these chairs for the nursery and the living room. I love them!