Useful Space-Saving Kitchen Gadgets by Progressive

progressive collapsible salad spinner

progressive collapsible salad spinner

I became a fan of collapsible kitchen tools since I bought my collapsible strainer. Now that I have seen the Progressive collapsible salad spinner, I am tempted to replace my reliable Zyliss salad spinner. I am not alone who appreciate its efficient since this collapsible salad spinner was a product design 2010 red dot winner.

lettuce, fresh fruit and veggie keeper by progressive

Another useful  product is the Lettuce, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Keeper.  It comes in 2 sizes. The larger of the 2 containers has a divider to allow you to store more than one type of produce. Progressive says that you will be able to keep fruit, lettuce, and vegetables fresher longer for up to approximately 2 weeks. There is also a small berry keeper which is mostly designed for raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

+  Progressive collapsible salad spinner $29.95 USD at Sur la Table
+  Lettuce, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Keeper $10.50 on, smaller $8.00 USD

  • Kady Lieber
    February 4, 2011 at 07:53

    How fabulous! I live in Europe and have an extremely small kitchen (big according to Europe standards). I am going to replace my current salad spinner with this one! Oh, the space I will save. Thank you!