Boxbee: Simple Urban Storage Delivered at Your Door


Many urban apartments and condos lack closets and storage space. Nobody wants overcrowded closets or filling their small spaces with large storage units. And for many people, renting a locker would be a waste since it will be almost empty. Boxbee is a startup from San Francisco that offers a storage alternative for those city residents. It provides a hassle-free solution for storing out-of-season things and other things that you rarely use.

The best thing is that they come to your door. Boxbee will deliver within a few hours the number of durable, stackable and waterproof boxes that you need. Their boxes are 24 inches long by 20 inches tall by 12 inches wide, which is the size of the boxes I used to store things in my large closet. Once the boxes are filled, simply go online to schedule a pickup. Your stuff will be stored in a secure storage facility. Boxbee targets not only people without a car but anyone who is looking to save time.

How does it cost for home delivery convenience? The boxes and the pickup are free. You pay $6 per month for each box that is in storage. When you want your stuff back, it will cost you $15 for delivery + $2 per box. I feel that it is worth it to live in a beautiful, clutter free apartment.

How do is compare to the price of a small locker? At about $90 a month for a small locker, the monthly fee is even once you reached 15 boxes.

For the moment, Boxbee is only available in a 15-mile radius of San Francisco. Would you consider using Boxbee if it was available in your area?

  • Lisa @ This Beautiful Day
    May 23, 2013 at 16:37

    I like the idea of this service, but at almost $1200/year (if you reach the max amount) I would try to pare my wardrobe down as much as possible before I gave this a go. The delivery service here is also a plus!