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Kontur Vase

wall exhibit of kontur vases

kontur vase

Everyday items can be pretty and functional. First created as an experimental organic vase, the Kontur vase is more than a flower vase. It can become a cool storage container for the bathroom, the office or the kitchen.

versatile uses of kontur vase

You could store small bathroom essentials, or transform it into a pen holders for your home office, or hold crayons in a kids playroom.

wall exhibit of kontur vases

But the part that inspires me the most is this bird eye view of many vases. It gave me the idea of creating a wall installation. It would look amazing indoor or outdoor. Mette Kargo Hvid designed Kontur for Normann Copenhagen. It is made of silicone.

+ Kontur Vase $35 USD at 2Modern


The Winter’s Scarlet Dip Tableware Collection by Heath Ceramics

winter's scarlet dip collection by heath ceramics

winter's scarlet dip collection by heath ceramics

Heath Ceramics introduced a seasonal collection that mixes red with winter grey. For the bud vase trio, they played with finishes. Serving as the base for their Winter’s Scarlet Dip pattern, the trio features two glazes, ruby red and suede red; the second is a beautiful orangey red. Serving bowls, prep bowls, a dip tray and three styles of cups complete the 2010/2011 winter collection.

espresso set from winter's scarlet dip collection by heath ceramics

Imagine how nice it will look to serve real hot chocolate with the mugs on the Scarlet dip tray. My other favorite piece is the espresso set. If you wish to add of hints of reds on at your Christmas table, this is the way to go.

+ Winter’s Scarlet Dip Bud Vase Set $110 USD at Heath Ceramics
+ Scarlet Espresso set $32 USD at Heath Ceramics
+ Scarlet dip tray $60 USD at Heath Ceramics
+ Stores where to buy Heath Ceramics, including one Canadian store


Five Centerpieces for a Backyard Party

centerpiece ideas for a big family picnic or a backyard party

centerpiece ideas for a big family picnic or a backyard party

These are the style of simple flower arrangements that you can use whether you host of a big family picnic or a party at a countryside venue.

+ The simplicity of the first picture will be great for a family picnic – via Amy & Mark Surprise Wedding
+ No need to splurge on containers. A nice beer bottle even works – via Once Wed
+ Love the hanging floral concept that Amy Moss of Eat, Drink, Chic – There are plenty of good ideas from her backyard wedding
+ You can splurge in one centerpiece and put besides it a grouping of flowers that you buy at the Farmers’ market or that you find in the country fields. This design was used for Barbie + Ken’s Backyard Wedding – via Green Wedding Shoes
+ A cast-iron casserole is transformed into a flower vase for the time of Rachel + Brent’s Outdoor Wedding – via Utterly Engaged


Seven Affordable Planters that Make a Statement

hanging terrariums :: outdoor planters

hanging terrariums :: outdoor planters

Another way to update the look of your backyard or your front porch is to get new planters. Since we often need many, I searched for affordable planters that make a statement without stealing the show to your plants.

+ Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Hanging Terrariums small $48 USD, large $64 at Velocity
+ Curved green glaze pots small $39.95 USD, large $49.95 at Crate & Barrel

I like the sophistication of the next collection. Tall vases can be used as decorative accents.

Bronze Tapered Planters with the flame vases

+ Flame Vases $69.95 – $89.85 at
+ Bronze Tapered Planters $89.95 – $99.95 at Crate & Barrel

For a touch of grey and greige, have a look at the new collection of plant pots at IKEA. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Mandel series is made of silicone treated red clay.  They are small pots.

ikea grey and greige plastic plant pots

+ ÖSTLIG plant pot small $14.99 USD, large $29.95 at IKEA
+ Mandel Plant pots $1.99 –  $14.99 USD at IKEA

The watertight, stainless steel fruit trough designed by Gus*  Modern is perfect for entertaining. You can use it for plants, storage, or as an ice bucket for small, individual bottles.

stainless steel through by gus modern

+ Fruit Trough by Gus* Modern $99 USD at Design Public


Stackable Mu A Stools and Home Accessories

mu a stackable stools by 18Karat

mu a stackable stools by 18Karat

As I selected my top 3 things from March 2010 of the Canadian House and Home, I stopped to browse the catalogue of 18Karat. I first introduced that design, import and distribution company back in 2007. Their catalogue is filled with great home accessories.

The Mu A Stool is the latest addition to the MU stools collection. They select MU because it means wood in Chinese. They later discovered that, in Japanese, MU is the gap or the quiet, the small spaces in-between the constant being of our lives, or the space in-between structural parts. It is funny how coincidence works. Mu A can be used as a stool or a side table. The fact that is stackable makes it a great option to add extra seating when you are having a party.

18karat white vases :: woven, sweater knit and ramen vases

This picture of the woven, sweater knit and ramen vases would have fit well on my white on white home decor story. Event though it is not new, I am still fond of sweater knit vases.

18karat linea table linens :: napkins and placemats

Finally, 18Karat is a good source for pure linen placemats and napkins. Made from 100% Lithuanian linen, I appreciate the raw colors and textures of the  Linea line. This is the style  you need for casual chic entertaining that will enjoy for years.

18Karat operates a beautiful store at 3039 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

+ Mu Stool Collection Mu Counter Stool $480 CAD, Mu A stool$380
+ Kitchen textiles at 18Karat $50 CAD for 4 napkins, $75 for 4 placemats


Fresh Pine Branch Centerpieces

centerpiece idea with cottage vibe

centerpiece idea with cottage vibe

Bring the cottage feel to your dinner table with a winter centerpiece.  I imagine this look for a romantic dinner this Valentine if you plan a weekend near ski cottage.

simple woody centerpiece idea

To reproduce this look, cut all the branches the same height. Then, plant the cut branches on floral foam bricks for fresh flowers.  You can place the floral foam inside aluminum pans, if your decorative container is not waterproof. The every day aluminum pans work well since you can adjust them to fit inside your container. Plus, they are easy to cut if you need to reduce their height. Do you worry about the inside look since the branches will hide any imperfections.

Make sure to use a tall votive candle holder for safety. I captured these at the Interior Design Show this weekend. Sadly, I can not recall at which booth.

GIFT IDEAS Gifts for the COOK

Upside-Down Herb Gardening with Sky Planters by Boskke

sky planter designed by patrick morris for boskke

As a cook, it is important to have my reserve of fresh herbs. Nothing beats the taste of freshly cut herbs. I am currently looking at a simple way to keep fresh herbs indoors without using space on my floor or the counter. An extra small Sky Planter could be it.

The Sky Planters remind me of hanging fixtures. Patrick Morris came up with this design. You hang the plants upside down. Upside-down gardening is not a new concept. It is often used for tomatoes and cucumbers to save space. Some people are successful with that technique while many seem to fail to produce good vegetables.

Going back to the design, a locking disk holds the plant and soil in place. A reservoir gradually feeds water to the roots. You normally need to fill the reservoir once or twice a month. In theory, it seems quite simple to use. Since I am not tall and that I need to hang the pots high (due to the space planning of the room), I feel that the herbs would be easier to reach for cutting if I plant them upside down.

How it Works?

The pictures show the plants as they were freshly put in the planters. Since I care about the taste and not what the herbs will look like in the long run, I would like to try with my cooking herbs. Plus, we cut the herbs at a regular basis. Keep in mind that cooking herbs need lot of sunshine to flourish before selecting where to put them.

The Sky Planter comes in three formats. Like I said, the extra small is ideal for fresh herbs. Getting 2 or 3 extra small planters would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves to cook. When you buy a Sky Planter, you receive a stoneware ceramic, a stainless steel wire, a ceiling hook and a plastic plug. They are available in black or white.

+ Sky Planter by Patrick Morris for Boskke extra-small $25 USD, small $35, classic $75


Polaroid Flower Vase

Jung Hwajin polaroid flower vase

Having a few Polaroid flower vases floating around at different heights is a stunning sight. I read on Yanko design that the line holding the frame is a wire, the wire bone’s connected to the light bone, and the light shines on the plant.

I wish I could recycle the idea for my Christmas ornaments. The difficulty in making your own is how to install the light. Any ideas?

+ prototype of the Polaroid Flower Vase by Jung Hwajin
+ via The Unreliable Girl


Housewares for Fall at Habitat UK

housewares at habitat UK for fall 2009

Every season, I check what is new at Habitat. I still hope for the first North American store. Fun everyday items caught my eye. They are coming later this fall. This post is about laundry, a good cup of coffee and cute serving trays.

It is not everyday that a laundry bin made it to At Home with Kim Vallee. Especially, I do not enjoy the laundry duties. I imagine this laundry bin in a kids bathroom. Spinit is a collapsible laundry bin with washing machine print on the front.

geometric and floral pattern mugs for fall 2009 at habitat

When I tell you that I do not like do the laundry it is not exactly true. What I do not like is the folding part. It is always easier with a good cup of coffee. Each of these 3 mug series is available in three complementing patterns.

Habitat is also home decor. They usually carry superb modern vases. Fall proved to be a good crop. I am inspired by the combination of the ORIGAMI collection with large yellow BALTA. POMPEII set of lacquered trays is available in two color schemes.

+ Small black ORIGAMI £31.20
+ Large white ORIGAMI £100
+ BALTA vase £49
+ Spinit £34
+ POMPEII Blue Trays £29.60
+ ADA Candle in a Cup £6
Red HERBERT Mug £6
+ Yellow floral YUTO Mug £6
+ DANI Mug Square pattern £6
+ DANI Mug Circle pattern £6


Etcetera Hanging Garden by Vincent Vandenbrouck for Edition Compagnie

etcetera hanging garden designed by vincent van for edition compagnie

One cool space saving garden accessory featured on the August 2009 issue of Living etc is Etcetera Hanging Garden designed by Vincent Vandenbrouck for Edition Compagnie. It holds vertically 3 rows of 3 terracotta pots. Perfect for plants or fresh herbs.

This design is a few years old. I like the concept behind Etcetera. It is also available as a pot holder set of 3 pots. The innovation resides in the opening that allows the pots to be hanged on sticks.

+ Etcetera Hanging Garden £199 at Lifestyle Bazaar


The Most Adorable DIY Ideas for my Organizing Monday

repurpose things for gardening and as storage solutions

This post explores how you can repurpose things to get your home better organized. The wonderful Fiona of Cafe Cartolina made my story easy when she discovered a wonderful site filled with practical and cute DIY projects. There are ideas from the Do It Yourself magazine. There were so many great ideas that I did not need to look elsewhere. In fact, I could not present them all.

An inexpensive way to get better organizer and decorate your home is to add a personal touch to everyday items. Paint in a bright hue small metal buckets with exterior enamel paint. Then, fill them with potting mix and plant small plants, cooking herbs or green leaves.

The most adorable idea is to reclaim a birdcage as a mail sorter. Who can resist the vintage small suitcase, which provides enough space to neatly store your gift-wrapping supplies?

tidy home desk that uses a small floor space

Plus do not miss the Storage Zone Solutions. It will help you keep your desk tidy in a compact space.

+ Do It Yourself
+ Via Cafe Cartolina