Seven Affordable Planters that Make a Statement

hanging terrariums :: outdoor planters

hanging terrariums :: outdoor planters

Another way to update the look of your backyard or your front porch is to get new planters. Since we often need many, I searched for affordable planters that make a statement without stealing the show to your plants.

+ Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Hanging Terrariums small $48 USD, large $64 at Velocity
+ Curved green glaze pots small $39.95 USD, large $49.95 at Crate & Barrel

I like the sophistication of the next collection. Tall vases can be used as decorative accents.

Bronze Tapered Planters with the flame vases

+ Flame Vases $69.95 – $89.85 at
+ Bronze Tapered Planters $89.95 – $99.95 at Crate & Barrel

For a touch of grey and greige, have a look at the new collection of plant pots at IKEA. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Mandel series is made of silicone treated red clay.  They are small pots.

ikea grey and greige plastic plant pots

+ ÖSTLIG plant pot small $14.99 USD, large $29.95 at IKEA
+ Mandel Plant pots $1.99 –  $14.99 USD at IKEA

The watertight, stainless steel fruit trough designed by Gus*  Modern is perfect for entertaining. You can use it for plants, storage, or as an ice bucket for small, individual bottles.

stainless steel through by gus modern

+ Fruit Trough by Gus* Modern $99 USD at Design Public

  • Anne
    April 14, 2010 at 16:00

    These planters are all unique and fantastic ways to spruce up your yard without breaking the bank. I am in love with the fruit trough for indoors, I could use it in so many different ways.