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    A Molecular Gastronomy Kit

    molecular gastronomy kit

    molecular gastronomy kit

    What to give at Christmas to a gourmet cook who has everything can be a hard task? But, with this kit developed by Montreal-based Molécule-R Flavors, I think that you might able to cross one name from your Christmas list.

    what's inside the molecular gastronomy kit

    Cuisine R-evolution should satisfy cooks who are curious about the most popular techniques of molecular cuisine, like spherification, gelification and emulsification. The kit shows how to play with the texture of juices, sauces, creams and dressings. The box contains 50 recipes on a DVD, 5 food additives, a food-grade syringe, 3 silicone tubes, 5 pipettes, a slotted spoon and a set of measuring spoons.

    Watch this video to get an idea of what you can learn.

    You can buy it online. They ship across Canada and to the United States.

    + Cuisine R-evolution Kit $58.95 CAD / $57.86 USD at Molécule-R Flavors