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The Steamy Kitchen cookbook | Book review

the steamy kitchen cookbook by jaden hair

Jaden sent me her cookbook a while ago. I always meant to talk about her beautiful family-friendly Asian cookbook but I was waiting to make a few recipes. One thing happened after another and I still have to try one recipe. But I will. The Steamy Kitchen cookbook sits on my kitchen bookcase, next to my favorite cookbooks.

Since I looked in details at what was inside The Steamy Kitchen cookbook, I feel confident to recommend it. Jaden’s writing is approachable. She is fun to read. You get more recipes in her cookbook, you get tips on drink (beer, wine and sake) pairing with Asian cooking. Jaden goes over the tools and the ingredients that you need to make her recipes. Plus, each recipe is illustrated with at least one beautiful picture.

This holiday, show your support to the food bloggers you like by buying their cookbooks as gifts for your friends and family members who like to cook.

+ The Steamy Kitchen cookbook by Jaden Hair $18.45

  • mayssam
    December 4, 2009 at 19:39

    Kim, I’ve tried a couple of the recipes in Jaden’s book and they all turned out great. Easy, fast and very yummy. Definitely a cookbook to add to one’s collection.