Kontur Vase

wall exhibit of kontur vases

kontur vase

Everyday items can be pretty and functional. First created as an experimental organic vase, the Kontur vase is more than a flower vase. It can become a cool storage container for the bathroom, the office or the kitchen.

versatile uses of kontur vase

You could store small bathroom essentials, or transform it into a pen holders for your home office, or hold crayons in a kids playroom.

wall exhibit of kontur vases

But the part that inspires me the most is this bird eye view of many vases. It gave me the idea of creating a wall installation. It would look amazing indoor or outdoor. Mette Kargo Hvid designed Kontur for Normann Copenhagen. It is made of silicone.

+ Kontur Vase $35 USD at 2Modern