Fresh Pine Branch Centerpieces

centerpiece idea with cottage vibe

centerpiece idea with cottage vibe

Bring the cottage feel to your dinner table with a winter centerpiece.  I imagine this look for a romantic dinner this Valentine if you plan a weekend near ski cottage.

simple woody centerpiece idea

To reproduce this look, cut all the branches the same height. Then, plant the cut branches on floral foam bricks for fresh flowers.  You can place the floral foam inside aluminum pans, if your decorative container is not waterproof. The every day aluminum pans work well since you can adjust them to fit inside your container. Plus, they are easy to cut if you need to reduce their height. Do you worry about the inside look since the branches will hide any imperfections.

Make sure to use a tall votive candle holder for safety. I captured these at the Interior Design Show this weekend. Sadly, I can not recall at which booth.

  • Moshe
    October 7, 2011 at 02:18

    HI !
    I live in Los Angeles and looking to buy fresh pine branches
    Do you sell these items if yes can you give your phone number to call you?