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Romotow: An Awesome Compact Travel Trailer

romotow caravan

Romotow caught my eye for several reasons. First, it looks cool! Second, it is built around delivering spacious and convenient mobile living area in a compact box. Third, it is versatile. You could use a Romotow as a caravan for your vacation. The rest of the year it could become your backyard office. Companies could find many uses for a design like this at trade shows or outdoor events. Continue Reading


Swedish Brand Light My Fire Brings Style to Your Outdoor Activities

light my fire outdoor meal accessories

Nature doesn’t have to be the only beautiful things that surround you when in the wood, at the top of a mountain or fishing with the practical and colourful outdoor accessories by Light My Fire. Their latest outdoor accessories prove to be as practical in the city as they are in the wild.

modern picnicware
photo credits: Fancy Picnic picture from Light My Fire on Facebook

My Picks: What’s New 2013 Collection

For picnics, camping trips or to carry your lunch to the office, you will find everything that you need to eat a delicious, civilized meal with their Lunch kit or the MealKit 2.0. Continue Reading


Friendly Luxury When Camping

cozy camping bedroom

cozy camping bedroom
photos by Thomas J. Story for Sunset magazine – May 2012

Camping has evolved so much since my childhood. I prefer a nice hotel room to sleeping in a tent any time. I’m also aware that many young kids adore camping; maybe that I will need to adapt. Just in case, I explored how I could make a camping trip more comfortable.

REI Kingdom 4 Tent – 2012 $389 USD| REI Tech Garage $99.95 USD

I am first amazed by the new developments in tents. A freestanding design means that the tent can be assembled before being staked out which gives you freedom in position it at the site. Tents now come with vertical walls that add privacy and define the livable areas. You can add a vestibule that provides shelter to your boots and to you when you enter or exit the tent. The ultimate vestibule seems to be a tech garage; it delivers extra storage for your gears and generally has two convenient roll-on doors.

A Cozy Bedroom

cozy camping outdoor space
hotos by Thomas J. Story for Sunset magazine – May 2012

There is no need to give up your queen size bed on camping. You can have a good night sleep thanks to car camping. The trend is to bring your own pillows, cotton sheets and a throw or a comforter instead of a sleeping bag. Do not neglect the comfort of your feet. It becomes customary to place rugs indoor and outdoor. Go to your favorite decor store and select a style that you like.

Style the Outdoor Space

camping gear
SOLVINDEN pendant light $29.99 CAD at IKEA | KALVÖ $24.99 CAD at IKEA | Deluxe Camper’s Kitchen $127.99 USD at Cabana

Since you hope to pass as much time as possible outside, why not dress it up by a notch. Make a lounge outside with a few folding recliners or deck chairs and a couple folding side tables. KALVÖ folding table is an affordable option available at IKEA. While ÄPPLARÖ served double duty as a stool or a side table.

There are more options than camping equipment to create subtle ambiant lighting. The solar panel and the wind power generator of SOLVINDEN pendant light convert sunlight and wind to energy. It can be hang from the ceiling of your tent. Complete your set up with a few SOLVINDEN ground stakes that will light the path and your camping site.

Easy to Cook

The typical Camper’s Kitchen comes with a pantry, heat-resistant working surfaces, food preparation zones and three-sided windscreen shelters your stove for optimal fuel performance. You save time by having access to your cookware, cooking utensils and food.

Finally, I hope that you bought a car with a voluminous trunk. Equipped with all these gears, you will need it!


A Last Taste of Summer

These two books caught my eye last week at Indigo. I guess that I am sad that summer is coming to an end. But there are still a few nice days left and Halloween to produce the playtime projects of Meg McElwee, where she explores indoor and outdoor activities. She will show you how to sew your own dolls, a cape, a satchel, and a tent. Growing Up Sew Liberated showcases 18 projects in total. Other sections are Homemaking and Cooking, Bedtime and basic Clothing.

Anne Bell demonstrates how you can cook tasty meals outdoor, whether you are at the park or stay at a campground. The Camping Cookbook contains 95 recipes that can be made with one-ring burner, or a Dutch oven on a tripod.

Finally, their S’mores Kit is only available at their stores. It would made a wonderful last-minute gift if you get invited to a picnic or a weekend at the cottage.

For Canadians:
+ The Camping Cookbook $12.88 CAD online at Indigo
+ Growing Up Sew Liberated $16.46 CAD online at Indigo

For Americans:
+ The Camping Cookbook $11.53 USD at [affiliate link]
+ Growing Up Sew Liberated $16.47 USD at



Tiki Torch Alternatives: Keep Bugs At Bay

outdoor lantern entertaining citronella candle

outdoor lantern entertaining citronella candle

I don’t know what’s worse: spending an otherwise gorgeous summer weekend attempting (and failing) to ward off pesky mosquitoes, or doing so surrounded in retro-in-a-bad-way tiki torches.

I wish I’d made time during pre-long weekend supply shopping trips to search out a few stylish alternatives. Pottery Barn has no shortage of pretty vintage-inspired lanterns just begging to disguise citronella candles, while German design company Blomus creates gorgeous, contemporary stainless steel torches that will last for years of hot summer nights.

Of course, not every outdoor occasion calls for fireside chic. These cheery Crate & Barrel citronella candles-in-a-can have portability on their side. Just stash a couple amongst your camping gear or with your evening picnic accoutrements so you’re primed to keep bugs at bay.

And, since there’s nothing stylish about scratching the evidence of a weekend out-of-doors, you may want to keep this list of home remedies handy too.

And if you are looking for more cool outdoor inspirations, revisit Kim’s Modern Style at the Cottage that she wrote for

+ Mercury Glass Lanterns, Pottery Barn, $8.40 – $89.13 CAD
+ Blomus Stainless Steel Patio Lantern, Lekker, $60 USD
+ Citronella Candle-in-a-Can, Crate & Barrel, from $1.50 CAD
+ 9 DIY Home Remedies for Relieving Mosquito Bites from Secret Tips from the Yumiverse


Easily Set-up a Backyard Camping Party with Suburban Camping Co.

backyard camping night with s'mores

camping for 2

Your kids dream of a backyard camping party for their birthday but camping is not your thing. There is no need to worry if you live in an area served by the husband and wife team behind Suburban Camping Co. Chris and Kelly MacPhee saw a niche in the market and provide a turn-key service for people who wish to live a superb camping party experience in the comfort of their backyard.

backyard camping night with s'mores

They created several camping scenarios from romantic tent for 2 up to the popular kids parties, girls night out or movies under the star event. Their services include the camping equipment, the props, kits for some activities, party favors and the installation. It is perfect for stress-free entertaining. Click here to see their packages.

camping night-out party decor

I think that they had a great concept. I wish Chris and Kelly good luck with their business.

+ Suburban Camping Co.


An Hitachi Grill Heater Used as an Indoor S’mores Burner

hitachi set used as a s'mores burner

hitachi set used as a s'mores burner

One reader on Facebook asked me where to find the s’more burners that were used at a wedding from my s’more stations round-up. I browsed the Web and found the source. It’s a small Hibachi Grill heater. It has an antique-look brass finish and a dragon pattern.

You simply scoop your favorite gel-style chafing fuel out of its canister, place it in the fuel holder, and light. Then, bring the marshmallows, chocolate, graham cookies and long wood sticks at the table to enjoy a delicious treat.

+ Hibachi Set with Grill and Fuel Holder $15.99 USD at The Webstaurant Store


My New Post on HGTV: Modern Style at the Cottage

modern style at the cottage

modern style at the cottage

August is about Camping and Cottaging on Style Sheet, the blog of For my monthly column, I gave it a modern twist. I am particularly proud that every item shown on the article is available in Canada. With a little digging, you can find cool products in this country.

My biggest challenge with this post was to select items for my short list. I was surprised by all the good stuff that is out there. My two favorite items are the Kayu teak table and benches and the affordable Notebook Grill. This BBQ grill is a cheaper option to the Eva Solo Table grill. And I cannot ignore the  beautiful Lighthouse oil lamps designed by Christian Bjørn.

+ Read more at Kim Vallee: Modern Style at the Cottage


Opera: the chic return of the folding camper

opera folding camper :: next step of glamping

I am curious about this upscale folding camper that comes with luxury beds and an enclosed teak veranda. I perceived it as an extension of the glam camping (also known as glamping) trend that grows over the last couple of years. But Opera has the advantage of delivering comfortable camping wherever you wish to camp. It is called Opera because the Sydney Opera House was the design inspiration.

Opera is scheduled to launch this December. I will be looking for more details. For now, you can watch a promotional slideshow on Your Suite in Nature.

+ photo: Your Suite in Nature


Get Inspired by Glamping for Your Next Outdoor Party

It feels strange to talk about a summer outdoor party in a middle of a cold winter day – it’s -15C here – but I could not pass on this story.


A travel trend is luxury camping with five star accommodations. You sleep in a comfortable bed set in a 10-feet tent equipped with furniture. You eat gourmet food prepared by chefs sitting at the resort restaurants. At night, you dine with fine wines. It is the next frontier of eco-chic travel. Behind all the glam of these resorts, I saw an opportunity for an amazing party theme.

Glamping is not a new idea. The upper class has been traveling in style with their furniture for centuries. In fact, it reminded me of the first season of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones when Indy and his parents went to an African safari.

How Can You Make this Idea Yours?

You can make your own tents and use them as guests room at the cottage for a big family reunion. Imagine this setting for a destination wedding that you set in the countryside instead of an Island.

Tents are not just to sleep. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort designed 2 lounge tents: a game tent, and a library tent to entertain you during your stay. They reproduced the Gentlemen’s Clubs of the past. It reminds me of the Library of the Gold Floor at The Copley hotel in Boston.

lounge tent at clayoquot wilderness resort

You can design a fun version for a kid and even a teen birthday party in your backyard. Plan the game tent to suit the theme of your party.

For safety reasons, I suggest you rely on battery-operated candles.

About Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

You can see that emulating the ways fortunate people spent their summers roughing it one hundred years ago was the heart of the concept of John and Adele Caton for their wilderness destination resort.

If you are thinking of staying at this premier eco-safari destination, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort specifies on their Web site that the months of May and September are perfect for couples. They advertise the summer months as better suit high-energy family gatherings.

And since you get complimentary wireless Internet access for personal portables, you can share with us your wonderful adventures.

+ Photos: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Tofino, British Columbia – rate this resort
+ Via Liberty Post and Apartment Therapy