Swedish Brand Light My Fire Brings Style to Your Outdoor Activities

light my fire outdoor meal accessories

Nature doesn’t have to be the only beautiful things that surround you when in the wood, at the top of a mountain or fishing with the practical and colourful outdoor accessories by Light My Fire. Their latest outdoor accessories prove to be as practical in the city as they are in the wild.

modern picnicware
photo credits: Fancy Picnic picture from Light My Fire on Facebook

My Picks: What’s New 2013 Collection

For picnics, camping trips or to carry your lunch to the office, you will find everything that you need to eat a delicious, civilized meal with their Lunch kit or the MealKit 2.0.

lunch kit by light my fire

The Lunch Kit comes with two plates , a “Spork” (spoon-fork-knife combo), two waterproof SnapBoxes with with measuring lines inside (one original, one oval) and a harness.

mealkit 2.0 by light my fire

The MealKit 2.0 adds the new collapsible drinking cup with measuring lines (Pack-a-cup), and a combined strainer and cutting board to the Lunch Kit.

light my fire pack-a-bottle

The Pack-up Bottle is on my shopping list. This water bottle seems to offer everything that I value from being Features that grab my collapsible to the sturdy hanging strap and a choice of 7 colours.

All Light My Fire outdoor accessories are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and they float. Do I prefer it in red, blue, green, orange, pink, black or lime?

Business Sense

From a business point, Light My Fire shows that good design and knowing when to take advantage of the weaknesses of your competitors can redefine your brand. From a company that originally produced materials to start a fire in any weather, at any altitude, Light My Fire expanded its product range to meet the needs of discriminating backpackers, campers and outdoor adventurers. It was until 2004 that Light My Fire decided to bring cool designer products into an industry that is known for plain and drab brown, black and green.