Get Inspired by Glamping for Your Next Outdoor Party

It feels strange to talk about a summer outdoor party in a middle of a cold winter day – it’s -15C here – but I could not pass on this story.


A travel trend is luxury camping with five star accommodations. You sleep in a comfortable bed set in a 10-feet tent equipped with furniture. You eat gourmet food prepared by chefs sitting at the resort restaurants. At night, you dine with fine wines. It is the next frontier of eco-chic travel. Behind all the glam of these resorts, I saw an opportunity for an amazing party theme.

Glamping is not a new idea. The upper class has been traveling in style with their furniture for centuries. In fact, it reminded me of the first season of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones when Indy and his parents went to an African safari.

How Can You Make this Idea Yours?

You can make your own tents and use them as guests room at the cottage for a big family reunion. Imagine this setting for a destination wedding that you set in the countryside instead of an Island.

Tents are not just to sleep. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort designed 2 lounge tents: a game tent, and a library tent to entertain you during your stay. They reproduced the Gentlemen’s Clubs of the past. It reminds me of the Library of the Gold Floor at The Copley hotel in Boston.

lounge tent at clayoquot wilderness resort

You can design a fun version for a kid and even a teen birthday party in your backyard. Plan the game tent to suit the theme of your party.

For safety reasons, I suggest you rely on battery-operated candles.

About Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

You can see that emulating the ways fortunate people spent their summers roughing it one hundred years ago was the heart of the concept of John and Adele Caton for their wilderness destination resort.

If you are thinking of staying at this premier eco-safari destination, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort specifies on their Web site that the months of May and September are perfect for couples. They advertise the summer months as better suit high-energy family gatherings.

And since you get complimentary wireless Internet access for personal portables, you can share with us your wonderful adventures.

+ Photos: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Tofino, British Columbia – rate this resort
+ Via Liberty Post and Apartment Therapy

  • Michelle Sullivan
    January 10, 2009 at 15:26

    Clayoquot reminds me of Rohet Garh, in India, where I stayed recently. It was an absolutely fantastic experience. Such luxury, under a tent!

    More inspiration for your readers:

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    January 10, 2009 at 16:21

    Wow Michelle! That place in India is impressive.

  • Nathalie Rivard
    January 11, 2009 at 09:34


    Rohet Garh seems like such a wonderful place to stay. I will put in in my list of places to go in the next years.

  • Regan
    February 2, 2009 at 05:30

    Hi Kim,

    Great article. Yes glamping is taking off with some superb locations around the world.
    You can view my blog for other pretty cool spots.