Romotow: An Awesome Compact Travel Trailer

romotow caravan

Romotow caught my eye for several reasons. First, it looks cool! Second, it is built around delivering spacious and convenient mobile living area in a compact box. Third, it is versatile. You could use a Romotow as a caravan for your vacation. The rest of the year it could become your backyard office. Companies could find many uses for a design like this at trade shows or outdoor events.

The thing that sets the Romotow apart from the rest is this. If you ask them, many campers would tell you that they wish that their travel trailer comes with a coveted outdoor space to set up an outdoor lounge or to cook outside. The automated 90 degrees swivel system of a Romotow smartly addresses that need. And they did it by delivering 70% more floor area to enjoy.

romotow travel trailer

W2, the New Zealand architectural and structural engineering consultancy behind this concept, didn’t stop there. They reshaped the travel trailer into a cool, lightweight caravan. Three sizes — a 4.5-meter caravan, a 6.5-meter caravan and a roomy 9 meters — are on the drawing board with several configurations.

Romotow is only a prototype at this time. When W2 revealed their project last December, they estimated that Romotow could be in production by 2015.  I hope it does.