Port-a-Bach: Glamping in an Upcycled Container

port-a-bach taking it easy outside

Inspired by the Romotow concept, I continue my search for modern looking holiday home with a small footprint. Personally, I prefer a smaller place because it requires less maintenance. Since sleeping in a tent for several days in a row is not what I have in mind when I want to relax, I like to explore how small you can get to be comfortable as a family.

I found another source of inspiration in New Zealand. Port-a-Bach is a prototype from BONNIFAIT + GIESEN (Atelierworkshop), an architecture, urban design and product design company based in Wellington, NZ. It is really tiny but it seems comfortable. It includes modern convenience. The unit will be power, water and sewer independent in order to be easily installed in a remote spot.

port-a-bach fitted for a family

BONNIFAIT + GIESEN (Atelierworkshop) already built a working prototype. Their small holiday home is portable and comes with all you need to sleep, feed and clean a couple with two children. The container comes with bunk beds for the kids and a wall bed for the adults.

port-a- bach bunk beds view

I am amazed by how many elements they were able to fit into a container. The shower is gorgeous. Even though, I feel that one container would be too small in the long run, Port-a-Bach would be awesome for a long weekend getaway or even, where to pass a few weeks a year in the wilderness. Fill the porch with a comfortable dining/lounging space and Port-a-Bach would fit my idea of glamping.

port-a-bach shower

To make the installation easy, the set includes the 6 concrete footings. My main design concern is the unstylish but useful tent to shelter the bunk beds at night. I hope that, by the time that they are ready to market, they will propose a more pleasing bunk bed tent option.

port-a-bach tent

Would you consider living in a tiny holiday home like this one? Or do you think that it is too tight for comfort?

+ photo credits: Paul McCredie for Atelierworkshop