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Fun bowls for kids

west elm organic shaped rice bowl

We often eat our main dish in a big bowl, inside of a dinner plate. He often asks to eat on the same dishes than us. But the bowls I use are way too big for a 3 years old. On top of that, he likes green, which is not a popular color for tableware. My collection of Japanese porcelain bowls from Anthropologie comes handy. I love their casual elegance but I want more options for him.

anthropologie rice bowls
+ Atom Art bowls and Inside Out bowls $8 USD.

So, this morning, I went to West Elm to get him a few bowls. Tableware are at 20% off right now at West Elm. I’m sure that my son will be pleased the next time we eat pasta since he will eat his in a bowl similar to our sage pasta bowl by Sophie Conran. I added bowls covered with the patterns and textures to complete his set.

west elm cereal bowls
Potter’s Workshop dip bowls and Organic shaped dinnerware in mint.

I can’t wait to see his reaction when I show them to him. I know, I am probably more thrilled than he will be by my purchase. Nonetheless, this makes me happy.

+ top photo: rice bowl from the Organic shaped dinnerware collection.


Colorful Fruit Bowls, a Chilly Salad Bowl and Stylish Bottle Grinders by Menu

Dropp! fruit bowls

new norm complete tray set by menu

You may recall the Norm Carving and Serving sets that I introduced last year. This year, Menu improved on it by making a smaller version. I consider it an improvement because the original did not fit inside a standard upper kitchen cabinet. The New Norm Complete Tray Set with its 11 inches of circumference does.

New Norm Cool Bowl by Menu

The Scandinavian company Menu added a salad bowl that comes with a similar cooling element. The Norm Cool Bowl is a must to serve fresher salads, cold dishes and desserts at a buffet, a chic picnic or a BBQ.

menu bottle grinders :: salt and pepper set

I like the idea of a salt and pepper grinder that will not leave grains on my table. Although the concept is not new, the Bottle Grinder is probably the most stylish version I have seen so far. Select one in ash and the other in carbon to create a stunning set.

In Your Kitchen

Dropp! fruit bowls

Dropp! is fruit bowl fashioned as a large, soft drop of paint. It will add a touch of fun in your kitchen. Dropp! is available in 6 colors.

+ New Norm Complete Tray Set by Menu $119.95 USD at Emmo Home
Menu New Norm Cool Bowl $99.95 USD at
+ Menu Bottle Grinder $44.95 USD at CSN Stores , which ships to Canada and USA
+ Dropp! Fruit Bowl by Menu $64.95 USD at Emmo Home


Four Modern and Airy Fruit Bowls

four modern fruit bowls

four modern fruit bowls

They say that a fruit bowl with holes will preserve better your fruits. And I think that seeing what inside will tempt you more to eat them. With my pregnancy, I make sure that I eat at least two fruits every day. Some nights, I replace cookies and milk with a green apple and milk. It’s healthier and bring less calories.

I compiled a list of 4 sublime fruit bowls that would look great on your kitchen. They will also make awesome Christmas gifts.

1. You are probably familiar with the Black + Blum Fruit Loop Bowl. I like its simple sculptural design. You cannot go wrong with that one if you are looking for a fruit bowl that contains plenty in a small container.

2. The most affordable that I featured is the chrome plated wire Affix bowl. I like the fact that it is a footed bowl. And it can easily moves from a traditional kitchen to a modern style one. This one can contain way more than the Black + Blum fruit loop bowl. With a diameter of 11.75 inch, it does not take that much more counter space.

3. The Lorea Fruit Bowl is an origami shaped zebra wood fruit bowl  that won a Red Dot Design Award in 2007.

4. Who does not know the Mediterraneo bowl designed by Emma Silvestris. It made by Alessi of steel with red epoxy resin (my favorite), or you can get it in 18/10 mirror-polished stainless steel. It comes in two sizes.

+ Fruit Loop Bowl by Black + Blum $42 USD at MoMA store
+ Affix bowl $38 at Chiasso
+ Lorea Fruit Bowl by Zoocreative, $82 at GSelect
+ Small red Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Holder $78 at [affiliate link]
+ Large red Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Holder $102 at Lumens


Better Ways to Prepare, Measure, Store and Serve Food with Royal VKB

prep, measure, mix, serve and store food with royal vkb products

I love the ingenuity of the design behind every Royal VKB products. Their motto, Thought for Food says it all. This Dutch housewares company always succeed to grab my attention. If only, I could find a Canadian retailer who carries the entire range of Royal VKB.

A new product, Table Bin would appreciate by students who live with roommates. Designed with outdoor dining in mind, it can be practical for a small family. The concept is that you can filled the bin with food waste, place the utensils in the side pocket, stack dirty dishes on top on the lid and clean up the table in one batch.

Royal VKB developed clever double-duty measuring products that come in an array of colors. They have look and function. I told you before about Mix and Measure, a series of bowls with a graduated scale inside the bowl. You can get an air-tight lid that features a spoon rest on the reverse side.

The Cup and Store canisters come in aluminum and glass. The canister integrates a measuring cup, the lid, for easy pouring. Plus you save space since the jars can stacked into another.

No more need of a scale with the Balancing Bowls. Fill one half of the bowl and the bowl will tilt when you reach the indicated weight. This is not all, you can use the bowl for servings chips and other snacks.

As you can see, Royal VKB imagined stylish practical products that can save you time and space. For that, I gave them a 10.

1. Mix & Measure by Jan Hoekstra € 9,95 to € 24,95 per bowl
2. Cup & Store Aluminium by Arian Brekveld € 9,95 to € 14,95 per jar
2. Cup & Store Glass by Arian Brekveld € 7,95 to € 9,95 per jar
3. Table Bin by Officeoriginair € 29,95
4. Balancing Bowl set by Jan Hoekstra € 14,95 for set of 2 bowls


Five Favorite Things at Anthropologie

5 favorite kitchen things at anthropologie

Since I will be in Boston this August to attend PodCamp Boston 4, I started a shopping list. I scheduled visits to stores that we do not have here in Montreal. I will go to Lekker naturally. Another store that I affection is Anthropologie. Their vintage, granny, Bohemian chic look is really distinctive.

I am a fan of their tea towels, potholders and mitts. I wish that their dishtowels were not as expensive. That Fleur de Lys pitcher is awesome. This Provencal pitcher is definitely on my shopping list.

+ Tweeting Tea Party Dishtowel $24 USD
+ Painted Garden Serving Bowl $72 USD
+ Fleur de Lys Pitcher $28 USD
+ Yellow Birdie Bungalow Dishtowel $18 USD
+ Red Sea Potholder and Red Sea Mitt $12 USD each


Kitchenware by Jamie Oliver to be introduced at Ambiente Fair

jamie oliver new kitchenware collection

I learned that the multidisciplinary design studio Ontwerpwerk created a new line of kitchenware for the Jamie Oliver brand.

This is a black and white collection made of melamine, synthetic resin, bamboo or polyethylene. And they delivered some innovations.

It is more hygienic to use different surface to cut meal and vegetables. Ontwerpwerk thought about that fact when they design two easily identifiable surfaces for the cutting board. Cut your vegetables on the white side and cut the meat on the black side. A two in one, I love that!

Unfortunately, I cannot find an English-version of the Ontwerpwerk Web site. But I read on David Report blog that:

The line consists of bowls in different sizes, a colander, storage boxes, sealable measuring cups, cutting boards, a salt and pepper mill, knives and a knife set.

The products distinguish themselves by their sober design, functionality, quality and affordability. Ed Annink, partner at Ontwerpwerk, has created a timeless design which enhances the products’ sustainability.

The line looks promising. I cannot wait for its introduction at Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Germany from February 8 to 12, 2008. Hopefully, I will be able to tell you more after the launch.

Learn more: Ontwerpwerk voor Jamie Oliver
Via: Jamie Oliver kitchenware on David Report


My spin on drinkware and tableware by Miam.Miam

soda siphons : orbit bowl : espresso towers by miam.miam

The minute I laid my eyes on the Orbit bowl while reading All That and A, I knew that we are galaxy away from the same old dish. These Jetson inspired bowls erupted from the collective minds of the Miam.Miam team.

The orbit bowl is versatile. You eat your morning cereals in it as well as serving a mushroom risotto to your guests. You saw in my previous post how the shape of the orbit bowl can elevate a simple pasta recipe.

Besides the orbit bowl, the Miam.Miam Mushroom series comprise four more sizes of footed bowls, all stackable inside each other for space saving.

Miam.Miam Mushroom is designed as a multi-functional collection. It ranges from a covered broad serving container to individual bowls for eating cereals, soups or desserts up to serving bowls for sauces and condiments.

Always hot with the Espresso Towers

A high tech fusion of stainless steel and porcelain create a pocket of insulation between the walls to maintain the temperature of your favorite beverage for maximum flavor. Apparently, your espresso will stay hot for an hour if ever it takes you that long to drink it.

The Espresso Towers come in a gift box set for 2. They are insulated, stackable and extra durable. A set contains two porcelain and stainless steel espresso cups with their own saucer, lid and spoon.

Soda siphons

If you are nostalgic of the modern cocktail era, you are probably wished to show off a soda siphon. You have to admit the classic mesh models look pretty cool. It is fairly common to recycle an old soda siphon as a lamp structure.

Some companies still produce them but your best bet is stores that carry mid-century modern products. Soda siphons are fun, easy to operate and add elegance when you are making a drink. Unfortunately, the new ones I am showing you are out of stock on United Brands.

United Brands own three registered trademarks: whip it!, Miam.Miam and Café Crème.

Learn more: Miam.Miam Mushroom series at United Brands
Learn more: Espresso Towers at United Brands
Learn more: Soda siphons at United Brands
Via: miam.miam orbit bowls on All that and A

+ Chic plating and modern tabletops
+ Must-have bar tools


Colorful tableware objects are the best sellers at MOMA

colorful glasses : cutting board : fruit bowls : serving tray at MOMA store

I talked to you earlier about the trends towards colors and baroque inspired motifs. Manufacturers and designers are pushing the looks they want us to adopt. But do people embark?

So as a follow-up story to this week 3 blogs and a mood board, I went to verify if the cool crowd is really into colors and elegant motifs. I selected the MOMA Store as my test center.

If you examine MOMA’s best sellers list, the matter becomes obvious. A quick glance at their 7 most popular tableware items prove the acceptance of these trends.

We have to wait until the seventh tableware product to see a stainless steel and black serving tray. MOMA felt the need to photograph the serving tray with the Colored Riedel stemless glasses inside the tray. I rest my case.

The best seller list in the tableware category

These creations were designed between 1997 and 2007.

1. Colored Stemless Glasses by Maximilian Riedel – price: $55 USD for a set of 4

2. Curved Glasses by Leonardo Design Team – price: $65 USD for a set of 6

3. Colorful Rings Cutting Board by Antony Joseph – price: $28 USD

4. Distinct Patterned Glasses by Emmanuel Babled – price: $115 USD for a set of 6

5. Mediterraneo Bowl by Emma Silvestris – price: $65 USD

6. Raybowls by Sandy Chilewich – price: $48 USD for the Boomerang green, $60 USD for the Oblong orange

7. Serving Tray by Formsache21 – price: $150 USD

A great place for gift shopping

Members of MOMA save between 10-20% when they shop at all MOMA stores. This is a retail place where you can find amazing gifts for people with discriminating taste. Whether it is for a housewarming gift, a hostess gift, a birthday gift or shopping for the Holidays, I always find the selection at MOMA to be exciting.

Shop online: MOMA store
Learn more: MOMA memberships information


Double duty serving ware by Willem Noyons

Cucumber, melon and Tomato dish by Willem Noyons

Original and clever serving dishes make a last impression when you are entertaining.

Cucumber, melon and Tomato dish series designed by Willem Noyons clearly qualifies as distinctive pieces. Let’s examine the versatility of the tomato dish.

The pictures tell the story. The cover preserves the freshness of the cut vegetables or it becomes as a serving bowl. The possibilities are endless. For once, someone taught about an integrated pick holder.

The cucumber dish stacks two dipping bowls that can be separated. Whole honeydew melons and cantaloupes stand tall at the center of the melon dish. But do not be fool by these names; you can serve whatever you want in these neat plates.

Not your typical candle holder

Often called Fruit & Fire, Candle Dish really extends the limit of imagination. Candle Dish is a candelabrum that becomes a fruit bowl when you flip it over. Often we do not know what to do with our candle holder when not in use. Having no free storage space in your cabinet is not a problem anymore. Just use Candle Dish as a bowl for your citrus fruits, apples, pears and more.

Eco-friendly products

Candle Dish Fruit & Fire by Willem Noyons

Design products are a reflection of our living condition. Naturally it is easier to spot the key factors if you visited a country. That is why I usually reserved some time to visit small design and home accessories shops when I go to vacation.

The lack of space in Netherlands pushes their designers to create double duty objects and furniture. On my book, that fact alone is making them eco-friendly.

About Atelier Willem Noyons

Located in Utrecht, Netherlands, Atelier Studio Willem Noyons designs and produces graphic and three-dimensional work since 1982. Our projects are characterized by a conceptual way of approach and imagination on a realistic budget. Some pieces were designed exclusively for our clients. A consumer line is sold in stores and museum shops or through their Web site.

Buy online: Candle Dish by Willem Noyons available at Generate – price : $119 USD
Distribution: Catalogue of Willem Noyons distributed by Goods
Learn more: English-speaking Web site of Willem Noyons


An exercise in mixing and matching patterns with Anthropologie

bird in hand aprons, cake stand, bowls and plates at Anthropologie

This exercise started with one of the gorgeous aprons available at Anthropologie. I spoke before about the art of mix and match. I decided to put my rules in action starting with the sky blue and red Bird-In-Hand Apron.

By simply coordinating patterns I created an inspiration board for a bridal shower, a dessert event or a lady tea party. I did not only mix patterns, I also combined styles and cultures.

The key elements that unite my board

The first key element is the red and blue color palette. The second one is the flower garden theme.

Because the flowers are quite present in the tableware, flower arrangements become unnecessary. Display fruits or vegetables instead. A bouquet made of artichokes will complement the whole scheme. You can go with yellow or orange nutriments if you prefer a cheerful mood.

Harmonizing food and decor

If you want to serve an unpretentious stylish salad, think outside the box. Take a look at the Brussels Sprouts 3 by Laura Calder from French Food at Home TV series. It is easy to make and absolutely delicious. Brussels sprouts would harmonize well with the artichoke centerpiece idea.

For dishing up the food, try to emphasis the floral and curvy shapes. It can be done through the way you are displaying the food in the serving plates or the way you plate the food itself. One great example is the flower look of the salmon and chill hors d’oeuvre assembled in shooter glasses by Couture Cuisine & Event Artistry.

Brussels Sprouts 3 by Laura Calder from French Food at Home TV series at

The floral and curvy shapes can be achieved through the use of cylindrical containers. Anyone can make individual cones with fine paper of coordinating colors. The next time you throw a casual party, feel free to toss cashews, dessert bite-size pieces, caramelized popcorns or French fries in homemade paper cones.

Which are the items that I picked at Anthropologie?

The Asian Inside out bowl collection cleverly mingles snowflakes, stripes, diamonds, fiddlehead ferns and daisies. Serving bowls are available. The Bjorne Fruit dishtowel is livelier that the rest. A potholder, oven mitt, full sized apron and half-apron compose the Bird-In-Hand product line.

The Apple blossom cake stand exhibits crimson butterflies flit among delicate Wedgwood blue branches. To pair with the cake stand, I selected Bluebell from the Parfumerie dessert plate set. The salad plate from the Melon Flower dinnerware line completes my board.

Buy online: Full aprons at Anthropologie
Buy online: Plates, bowls and cups at Anthropologie
Recipe: Brussels Sprouts 3 by Laura Calder from French Food at Home TV series at