Four Modern and Airy Fruit Bowls

four modern fruit bowls

They say that a fruit bowl with holes will preserve better your fruits. And I think that seeing what inside will tempt you more to eat them. With my pregnancy, I make sure that I eat at least two fruits every day. Some nights, I replace cookies and milk with a green apple and milk. It’s healthier and bring less calories.

I compiled a list of 4 sublime fruit bowls that would look great on your kitchen. They will also make awesome Christmas gifts.

1. You are probably familiar with the Black + Blum Fruit Loop Bowl. I like its simple sculptural design. You cannot go wrong with that one if you are looking for a fruit bowl that contains plenty in a small container.

2. The most affordable that I featured is the chrome plated wire Affix bowl. I like the fact that it is a footed bowl. And it can easily moves from a traditional kitchen to a modern style one. This one can contain way more than the Black + Blum fruit loop bowl. With a diameter of 11.75 inch, it does not take that much more counter space.

3. The Lorea Fruit Bowl is an origami shaped zebra wood fruit bowl  that won a Red Dot Design Award in 2007.

4. Who does not know the Mediterraneo bowl designed by Emma Silvestris. It made by Alessi of steel with red epoxy resin (my favorite), or you can get it in 18/10 mirror-polished stainless steel. It comes in two sizes.

+ Fruit Loop Bowl by Black + Blum $42 USD at MoMA store
+ Affix bowl $38 at Chiasso
+ Lorea Fruit Bowl by Zoocreative, $82 at GSelect
+ Small red Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Holder $78 at [affiliate link]
+ Large red Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Holder $102 at Lumens

  • Stella
    November 28, 2010 at 15:14

    I really like 3 and 4! I buy a lot of pears and bananas and I fear the wire of 1 and 2 might bruise the fruit? Number 3 may end up on my Christmas wish list! Love these.