Colorful tableware objects are the best sellers at MOMA

colorful glasses : cutting board : fruit bowls : serving tray at MOMA store

I talked to you earlier about the trends towards colors and baroque inspired motifs. Manufacturers and designers are pushing the looks they want us to adopt. But do people embark?

So as a follow-up story to this week 3 blogs and a mood board, I went to verify if the cool crowd is really into colors and elegant motifs. I selected the MOMA Store as my test center.

If you examine MOMA’s best sellers list, the matter becomes obvious. A quick glance at their 7 most popular tableware items prove the acceptance of these trends.

We have to wait until the seventh tableware product to see a stainless steel and black serving tray. MOMA felt the need to photograph the serving tray with the Colored Riedel stemless glasses inside the tray. I rest my case.

The best seller list in the tableware category

These creations were designed between 1997 and 2007.

1. Colored Stemless Glasses by Maximilian Riedel – price: $55 USD for a set of 4

2. Curved Glasses by Leonardo Design Team – price: $65 USD for a set of 6

3. Colorful Rings Cutting Board by Antony Joseph – price: $28 USD

4. Distinct Patterned Glasses by Emmanuel Babled – price: $115 USD for a set of 6

5. Mediterraneo Bowl by Emma Silvestris – price: $65 USD

6. Raybowls by Sandy Chilewich – price: $48 USD for the Boomerang green, $60 USD for the Oblong orange

7. Serving Tray by Formsache21 – price: $150 USD

A great place for gift shopping

Members of MOMA save between 10-20% when they shop at all MOMA stores. This is a retail place where you can find amazing gifts for people with discriminating taste. Whether it is for a housewarming gift, a hostess gift, a birthday gift or shopping for the Holidays, I always find the selection at MOMA to be exciting.

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