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    Lucirmas Upcycles the Wine Bottle into a Table Set

    pure bottle

    pure bottle

    Sometimes, you simply need to adapt the shapes of everyday objects to create new ones. If we omit the handmade process of the making, this is basically the visual approach of Lucirmas, a Barcelona-based glass studio. Lucirmas uses 100% recycled glass to create tableware.  Take for example, the Pure Bottle. Lucia Bruni imagined a cleverly designed 3-piece table set that is made from a single recycled wine bottle.

    pure bottle 3 piece table set

    After five steps (cutting, hand polishing, fusing, thermal tempering and sandblasting) what you get is a glass, a lantern and the most unusual spoon that I ever saw. I especially enjoy the look of the lantern.

    The spoon is sure to be a conversation piece. But I feel that it could be awkward to eat with it. Is it just me? I guess that it is one of these things that you need to try before you are convinced.

    recycled glass toothpick holder

    On the end, they did a good job with their toothpick holder. It’s a fun, simple design!

    For the moment, a small numbers of European retailers carry their products. But if you don’t mind the shipping fees, Lucirmas operates an international online store.

    + Pure Bottle €41 at Lucirmas
    + Toothpick €13 at Lucirmas
    + via MOCO LOCO on Facebook

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