Lesson In Style and Ambiance by Toast

toast rustic inspiration :: greek pot :: picardie duralex glasses

Everyday items can look awesome in the right setting. I love how Toast’s stylist team repurposed old newspaper as wallpaper and transformed old wooden boxes as storage on the wall. Keeping in mind that these angles were selected for their photographic value, it still shows that creativity and good design ideas, more than money, are essentials for any project.

Toast carries carefully selected food, tableware and kitchenware. But the range is deep enough to make it a must shopping for easy entertaining.

toast jams and marmalades :: colored glasses

The autumn edition of Toast catalog is filled with amazing shots like those. I am sure you will enjoy them. if you wander what they sell on those pictures, I listed the shown products.

For entertaining and organizing your kitchen:

+ toast jams and marmalades £4.95
+ linen herringbone napkin £7.50
+ coloured handblown glasses £25
+ duralex picardie glasses £9.50
+ handblown glasses £15.50
+ greek pot £39

toast hottie covers and velvet lined slippers

To make you feel good when you are sick:

+ flannel hottie cover £22
+ sloppy joe hottie cover £35
+ silk velvet hottie cover £35
+ satin quilted hottie £25
+ velvet lined slipper £59

  • Bstcabinetmaker
    October 2, 2009 at 08:17

    Lesson In Style and Ambiance by Toast | At Home with Kim Vallee: Keeping in mind that these angles were selecte..

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  • Jess @ The Finer Things
    October 2, 2009 at 11:30

    You are so right– ordinary objects can look so lovely when arranged in the right way.