Colorful Fruit Bowls, a Chilly Salad Bowl and Stylish Bottle Grinders by Menu

Dropp! fruit bowls

Dropp! is fruit bowl fashioned as a large, soft drop of paint. It will add a touch of fun in your kitchen. Dropp! is available in 6 colors.


new norm complete tray set by menu

You may recall the Norm Carving and Serving sets that I introduced last year. This year, Menu improved on it by making a smaller version. I consider it an improvement because the original did not fit inside a standard upper kitchen cabinet. The New Norm Complete Tray Set with its 11 inches of circumference does.

New Norm Cool Bowl by Menu

The Scandinavian company Menu added a salad bowl that comes with a similar cooling element. The Norm Cool Bowl is a must to serve fresher salads, cold dishes and desserts at a buffet, a chic picnic or a BBQ.

menu bottle grinders :: salt and pepper set

I like the idea of a salt and pepper grinder that will not leave grains on my table. Although the concept is not new, the Bottle Grinder is probably the most stylish version I have seen so far. Select one in ash and the other in carbon to create a stunning set.

+ Dropp! Fruit Bowl by Menu $64.95 USD at Emmo Home
+ New Norm Complete Tray Set by Menu $119.95 USD at Emmo Home
Menu New Norm Cool Bowl $99.95 USD at
+ Menu Bottle Grinder $44.95 USD at CSN Stores , which ships to Canada and USA

  • marla
    July 16, 2011 at 08:47

    That splash fruit bowl is amazing!!