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The minute I laid my eyes on the Orbit bowl while reading All That and A, I knew that we are galaxy away from the same old dish. These Jetson inspired bowls erupted from the collective minds of the Miam.Miam team.

The orbit bowl is versatile. You eat your morning cereals in it as well as serving a mushroom risotto to your guests. You saw in my previous post how the shape of the orbit bowl can elevate a simple pasta recipe.

Besides the orbit bowl, the Miam.Miam Mushroom series comprise four more sizes of footed bowls, all stackable inside each other for space saving.

Miam.Miam Mushroom is designed as a multi-functional collection. It ranges from a covered broad serving container to individual bowls for eating cereals, soups or desserts up to serving bowls for sauces and condiments.

Always hot with the Espresso Towers

A high tech fusion of stainless steel and porcelain create a pocket of insulation between the walls to maintain the temperature of your favorite beverage for maximum flavor. Apparently, your espresso will stay hot for an hour if ever it takes you that long to drink it.

The Espresso Towers come in a gift box set for 2. They are insulated, stackable and extra durable. A set contains two porcelain and stainless steel espresso cups with their own saucer, lid and spoon.

Soda siphons

If you are nostalgic of the modern cocktail era, you are probably wished to show off a soda siphon. You have to admit the classic mesh models look pretty cool. It is fairly common to recycle an old soda siphon as a lamp structure.

Some companies still produce them but your best bet is stores that carry mid-century modern products. Soda siphons are fun, easy to operate and add elegance when you are making a drink. Unfortunately, the new ones I am showing you are out of stock on United Brands.

United Brands own three registered trademarks: whip it!, Miam.Miam and Café Crème.

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Via: miam.miam orbit bowls on All that and A

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  • Pethra
    November 2, 2007 at 09:20

    I like the espresso towers. Beautiful in its simplicity.

  • At Home with kim vallee
    November 2, 2007 at 11:42

    I agree with you Pethra, the purest lines go to the essentials and that fact enables us to discover the beauty of the object.

  • Hillary
    November 2, 2007 at 16:58

    Wow! I think the orbit bowls are pretty awesome. I would love to serve something in those to guests. I think it has a great presentation.