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New Cakes by the Caketress

silver cuban wedding cake by the caketress

Almost one year ago, I talked about Lori Hutchinson, the super talented Canadian cake maker behind The Caketress. I went back to her site today to see what she has been to. She continues to be successful and carries on her signature style.

Wedding Cakes

silver cuban wedding cake by the caketress

She worked on two wedding cakes with an hispanic background. They each have their own character. It is hard to resist the pure elegance of her Silver Cuban wedding cake.

mexican theme wedding cake with hand painted sugar tiles by the caketress

For a Mexican-theme wedding, her approach was less formal. She put dozens of hand painted sugar tiles, all featuring a different pattern on a three-tier wedding cake. The pink flowers added the finishing touch.


birch tree mini-cakes by the caketress

I am a fan of miniature cakes; especially the individual portion cakes. They are easier to serve and make such a lasting impression at an event. For an anniversary, you could reserve the more elaborate version to the guest(s) of honor. Then, ask your cake designer to create an harmonizing design for the mini-cakes of your guests. Another option to manage the cost is to serve a small cake per couple or group of four. Look at the birch mini cakes she created for a “Spirit of Nature” tablescape.

+ The Caketress


Lifestream Wedding Anniversary Cake

photo lifestream wedding anniversary cake by lisa canning

Decorator and stylist Lisa Canning from Toronto sent me a tweet about the adorable and original cake they did for her in-law’s 30th wedding anniversary. The cake acts as a retrospective of the couple life.

The first tier was dedicated to the couple; the second depicted them and their kids. The final third row displays their kids as adults with kids. It is unique and personal way to bring back nice memories.

Putting all the pictures in black and white is the best way to unite old and new photos in a cohesive look. After scanning and sizing the pictures with Photoshop, the photos were printed on long strips of cardstock. Icing glued the pictures to the fondant exterior.

You could borrow this cake decorating idea for all types of events: graduation, sportive clubs, and birthdays.

+ image courtosy of It’s our Life in a Cake by Lisa Canning
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DIY Printable Table Numbers

diy printable table numbers

Table numbering is not just for weddings. They are a must for any big sit-down dinner from a baptism, a sporting club party to a wedding anniversary.

These table number cards are cute and modern. Except for the yellow-checkered oval table numbers made by Creature Comforts, they all came from Martha Stewart. I love them all.

The photo table number would be great for a bridal shower or a baby shower with a picture of the couple or the mom to be. You could replace the wine bottle by a reusable water bottle for an outdoor theme party.

Martha supplied two templates with no number, in case you need to add your own number or other text. If you have Photoshop, you can use any of these templates as the basis for making your own.

Scrapbook paper and wrapping paper create stunning background. You can either use a stamp or a printer to add the table number.

+ How to make the Photo Table Number
+ Table Number on Wine Bottles
+ Take a Number Templates
+ Mustard yellow-checkered Table Number Templates


Hip Beach Theme for a Wedding Anniversary Party

wedding anniversary beach party :: the shore club in miami :: bang & olufsen loudspeakers :: onfalos grill

We owe a lot to our parents. After all they gave us an environment to flourish and expand our horizon.

The customs want that you throw a big party at the 25th and the 50th anniversary. Kids should be the ones that organize it. The problem is that kids are still in school for the 25th, so they cannot afford an extravagant party. And 50 seems so far and your parents will be old.

Why not throw a big bash when the kids are able to pay for it and the parents have not yet retired? This way, it can be a real threat.

Baby boomers are cooler and healthier. Forget the golf course and throw a hip Miami club scene. If the family is not ready to travel south for the party, here are the key elements to recreate the setting around a pool or on a sandy beach.

Unisex Party Theme

Devise a theme that will appeal to your mom and your dad. This scheme uses a lot of round shapes and feminine touches. But the metal, the futurist look of the Onfalos grill and the Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers talk to your dad.

Onfalos Grill Brings Style Outdoors and Indoors

Milan Furniture Fair in April, the Onfalos grill brings a feminine look to an object that is typically associated with men. The colourful Corian trays simulate petals. Mario Bellini designed for Smartech Italia a sensual BBQ available in three formats. It is worth noting that this grill is designed for indoor and outdoor usages.

The Onfalos grill also reminds me of The Jetsons animated TV series. Without the petal trays, it shares commonalities with the robots of the 50s and the 60s.

Pump Up the Music

The BeoLab 5 with its little brother BeoLab 9 loudspeakers could pass for aliens straight from Dr. Who’s universe. We all know how men love their sound system. I will leave it to the specialists to explain the virtues of these high end speakers. What interest me is that they look better than the square box.

Remember to play music for all ages if you wish your party to last. Ask a DJ to update the beats of the songs that your parents used to dance when they were young. Make their era looks hip again. Hire some dancers to teach everyone the current moves on the dance floor.

The party concept behind this wedding anniversary is to make the party about the future, not the past.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: OnfalosGril by Smartech Italia
Learn more: Loudspeakers by Bang & Olufsen
Learn more: The Shore Club in Miami
Via: Put Your Petal to the Metal [Dwell Kitchen Blog]

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Beautiful Cakes Galore by Stuff Yer Bake

cake decorations by stuff yer bake

While browsing on Tastespotting this morning, I spotted this adorable truck cake. I am even more impressed since this lorry cake is made by a Northern Irish foodie named Sarah. Her cakes stand out by the attention to details.

I explored her blog to know more. Stuff Yer Bake is not only about cakes. She also publishes recipes of meal she cooked on an everyday basis.

Sarah baked and decorated these cakes at the request of co-workers. I feel sad she lived on the other side of the Atlantic. Do you know any non-professional in Montreal (or elsewhere) who is as talented?

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Cakes Galores [Stuff Yer Bake]
Learn more:Pirate Birthday [Stuff Yer Bake]
Recipe:Crab Ravioli [Stuff Yer Bake]


Whimsical Cakes by LovinSullivanCakes

lovinsullivancakes :: baby shower :: kid birthday :: graduation cakes

A superbly decorated cake makes a statement at any party. Here are some adorable and fun cakes for a graduation party, a baby shower or a kid birthday party.

On LovinSullivanCake Web site, we can read that the owner Kate Sullivan learned baking and cake decorating from books, and many trial and error. She has more than learned it, she mastered it. Her designs are cutely refined.

If you always dream of creating your own fabulous birthday cakes, do not be shy to try a simpler version. Kate Sullivan is not only a cake decorator, she is also an author of a cook book. Grab a copy of her book Fun & Fancy Cake Decorating: Tips and Techniques for Decorating Unique Cakes for any Occasion to discover her tricks.

+ LovinSullivanCakes
+ Fun & Fancy Cake Decorating – price: $12.23 USD at Amazon
+ Motherwell Cake photographed by Jeff McNamara – rights reserved
+ Baby Wants To Roll Cake photographed by Kate Sullivan – rights reserved
+ Ark Cake photographed by David Levinthal – rights reserved
Via Bröllopstårtor att drömma om [ROOM & serve]


New Spring 2008 Collection at Fabulous Stationery

fabulous stationery note cards :: bags shoes  invites moving announcements

If you are looking for personalized note cards, check out the latest collection of bold drawings at Fabulous Stationery.

Bags and Shoes

With a production time of 5 to 7 days, it is too late to order your custom Sex and the City invites from the new shoes and bags collection. Still, keep these note cards in mind for a bridal shower, a girl makeover party or a bridal party.

A bride to be can order a custom set for each of her bridesmaids. Simply select the illustration that fits the best the bridesmaid’s personality.

Moving Announcements

There are several options to choose from a mid-century house to reference to condo living and home decor accessories. You do not need to live in a Palm Springs modern house to order those as long as you want to say “Come to see my new hip place”, these designs are OK.

If your house integrates environment-friendly materials, opt for the recycled eco-notes with eco-envelops. The paper is eco-friendly but I think they use standard inks. The Eco Still Life model supports 2 lines of 20 characters each for the cover.

How it works?

Each card model is available in three color scheme. Fabulous Stationery sells 25 cards and envelops for $45. This basic price includes your own cover text and the return address. Then, you can opt to upgrade the paper, add an inside text, a gift box, a matching notebook and custom RSVP cards.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Spring 2008 Collection at Fabulous Stationery
Buy online: Penelope at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Ines Too at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Desert Oasis at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Jackie at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Ludwig’s Lounge at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25
Buy online: Eco Still Life at Fabulous Stationery – price: $45 USD for 25

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I Dream of Cake for my 500th post

wedding cakes : haute couture cake : kid birthday cakes by I Dream Of Cakes

When I realized yesterday night that this would be the 500th post of At Home with Kim Vallée, I started a search for the perfect cake to represent what my brand stands for: stylish, unique, modern, lively and entertaining. I found my match at I Dream of Cake in San Francisco.

Cake Gallery

When you walk into this appointment-only shop you are surrounded by the cream of the cream in cake decorations.

People did not nickname I Dream of Cake the Cake Gallery for nothing. The retail space is designed as a gallery. Naturally, every cake is made to order. With an art degree, the cake designer Shinmin Li refers to her cake creations as commissioning a piece of edible art. When I look at her cake creations, I must agree with Shinmin.

It took me a while to create my board due to abundance of fabulous cake designs on her Web site. Her Wedding cakes are incredible and so the rest of I Dream of Cake creations. People commission cakes for all occasions from kid birthday cakes to sweet 16, bar mitzvahs, christenings up to anniversaries.

Design Philosophy

If you wish to know more about the creative process of Shinmin Li, I encourage you to watch a series of short videos on Chow. You will see how Shinmin Li is passionate about her work. As a segment of the regular series called Obsessives on Chow, the videos concentrate on the heights to which a wedding cake baker will go.

I encourage you to check out her Haute Couture cake gallery, the Fine Art section and the Luxuries. A pure pleasure for the eyes! Strangely, it seems that the corporate world is not as adventurous in their design. That is where her cake creations are less impressive. But it is due to the theme not the execution.

How much a cake costs?

Wedding cakes range from $10-$25 per serving. Smaller wedding cakes start at $600. Custom cakes start at $400. Since these cakes are labor intensive, plan well ahead.

Be prepared before you go to the first appointment. Any cake maker needs to know as much as possible about the event and your taste. Try at least to imagine the mood and feel of the event or what party style you are aiming for. You need to have a accurate estimate of the number of portions. The more a cake maker knows, the easier it is to satisfy your request.

I Dream of Cake does not only strive for the best in style, they care a lot about the taste. Shinmin Li believes that eating the cake is 50% of the pleasures. It breaks her heart when people do not eat the cake because they are afraid of cutting it. If you order an elaborate and expensive cake like those, you probably hire a high end catering team. These professionals should know how to properly cut the cakes even if it is an unusual cake shape.

Watch: Let’s Get Married, Let’s Have Cake by Meredith Arthur, Eric Slatkin, and Blake Smith on Chow
Learn more: I Dream of Cake

+ Exquisite Sugar Cake Decorations
+ Two talented Canadian Cake Makers
+ Delightful artistic cakes

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Exquisite Sugar Cake Decorations as seen on Martha Stewart magazines

Cake decoration kits by Wendy Kromer Confections

If you are a fan of Martha Stewart, you are probably familiar with the cake creations of Wendy Kromer. Reproducing her look at home is possible if you buy online her fabulous decorative kits.

I guess that anyone who masters more than the basics of cake decoration can get a pleasing result. These handmade decorative items are carefully crafted. I have to warm you; these are fairly expensive cake decorations. But if you wish to impress your guests with a homemade cake, that is certainly the way to go.

You need to know that some pieces are just decorative. Due to the wires, none of the Marzipan Cherry pieces or the shown Hellebore leaves and flowers are meant be eaten. The Hellebore wired leaves and flowers appear tricky to do.

If you wish to eat them, order instead the box of 16 Marzipan Fall Leaves. Easier to use, these almond paste treats nicely decorate cakes or embellish your dessert trays.

Not just for wedding cakes

The Magical Marzipan Forest Cake Kit and the Marzipan Cherry Set produce my favorite looks for Fall celebrations. The Magical Forest kit is a complete set with all the marzipan acorns, mushroom, ferns, oak leaves, fiddleheads, and ladybugs required to decorate the cake as it appears in the Fall 2004 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

These kits do not imply wedding per se. In my view, these two themes are even more suitable for a milestone birthday party or an extravagant celebration. If you want a simpler solution than a four tier cake, adjust the dimensions and make two cakes. In this scenario, vary the flavor of the cake.

These precious song birds are handcrafted from sugar paste and delicately painted with food color. You can specify your own color palette when ordering online. I will show you on my next post how the Sweet Song Birds can act as the surprising component of a sophisticated blue and brown inspiration board.

Cake decoration ideas for bridal and baby showers

Cupcakes and small cakes are all the rage at bridal showers and baby showers. With a nice smooth icing as the backdrop, it should take you no time to create a sophisticated look with the Blossom Cherry Kit.

One idea is to make a batch of cupcakes with a creamy vanilla icing backdrop, a batch with a light pink icing and a third batch with a chocolate icing. Group them by color or create two dessert trays with their own check board pattern. Each cupcake can get its own look since each set of 24 pieces includes three blossom sizes.

Make sure to plan ahead

Many cake decorations are made to order. The delay for delivery can be up to 8 weeks for some kits. I would suggest that you validate your quantity estimate with the staff at Wendy Kromer Confections before finalizing your order. If you wish to become the ultimate cake decorator within your friends, take a peek at the online catalogue.

Buy online: Magical Marzipan Forest Cake Kit at Wendy Kromer Confections – price: $325 USD
Buy online: Marzipan Cherry Set at Wendy Kromer Confections – price: $210 USD
Buy online: Cherry Blossom Kit at Wendy Kromer Confections – price: $28 USD for a set of 24 pieces
Buy online: Hellebore Leaves at Wendy Kromer Confections – price: start at $2.50 USD each
Buy online: Hellebore Flowers at Wendy Kromer Confections – price: $9.50 USD each
Buy online: Sweet Song Birds at Wendy Kromer Confections – price: $100 USD for a set of 4

+ Cake Decorating Courses
+ Two talented Canadian Cake Makers
+ I Dream of Cake

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Delightful artistic cakes by Bakery Bar in Portland

Delightful artistic cakes by Bakery Bar in Portland

Cakes are an important part of any celebrations. This is one custom that I hope with never go out of fashion. Even if decorated cakes are widely available, the best hostesses like to make a bold statement with her cakes.

Bakery Bar specializes in custom designs specifically tailored to your individual style. Their creations are stunning. They are cute, fun, fresh and stylish. In short, they exhibit my favorite qualities.

Gracious whimsical and organic themes

Many of their cake designs are inspired by nature. The bakers at Bakery Bar cleverly and realistically shape fruits, vegetables, plants and much more. Nothing looks tacky here. I would take pleasure in getting that kind of cakes for my upcoming wedding anniversary.

The whimsical Pirate cake for a kid birthday has the usual elements done in an appealing way. The houses / neighborhoods cakes talk to me; you feel a part of the community just by looking at it. If you belong to the welcoming committee of a club or if you are hosting a housewarming party, this rendering cannot be more apropos.

Bakery Bar takes pride in realizing harmonious artistic details and it shows. Since I never been to Portland, I went to yelp for reviews about the taste of their cakes. It was unanimous. The cakes at Bakery Bar are adorable and delicious.

Ready to bring home, small cakes for 2 are made every day. One yelp member, Alicia J. commented:

they say they serve 2 but really could serve 4 and at $12, they’re a steal considering the cost of desserts at other joints around town.

You can also buy nice cupcakes at Bakery Bar. Topping a cupcake tower with a small and high nicely decorated cake produces the best look. Explore their photo gallery; you will see the difference between the two looks.

Learn more: Web site of Bakery Bar in Portland
What others have to say: Bakery Bar reviews on

+ Exquisite Sugar Cake Decorations
+ Two talented Canadian Cake Makers
+ I Dream of Cake

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Matching wedding cake and invite design from two Canadian gals

Brides in the City, Pavillon wedding cakes

As a Canadian blogger, I like to point out great Web sites from my country. This morning I discovered Brides in the City, a fascinating blog published by two Torontians. I lived in TO for five years a decade ago. Gal pals Diana and Holly both works on the bridal industry.

Diana Stepanovic is the owner and pastry chef of Pavillon Cakes. Diana makes traditional, contemporary and super chic cakes. Holly Hatam operates an invitation and greeting card company called TearDrop Weddings. So if you are getting married soon and live near Toronto, their blog provides good sourcing information.

Recently, these gals started doing something out of the ordinary for weddings. They use the same design for the cake and the invite. Great idea! As an event designer, I usually try not repeating the same exact pattern too many times. I approve of this application because it is a nice way to link together your design elements. Invitations should introduce the key design elements of your event. It fits the bill here.

I like the color combination on the cake I am showing you. This cake and invite combination is for brides and grooms that are looking for a modern take on a traditional pattern. It is fun to see other colors than pastels for weddings. You can play around all these ideas the next time you organize a birthday or an anniversary party.

Link: Cake and invite design on Brides in the City blog

+ Exquisite Sugar Cake Decorations
+ Two talented Canadian Cake Makers
+ I Dream of Cake

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