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Delightful artistic cakes by Bakery Bar in Portland

Delightful artistic cakes by Bakery Bar in Portland

Cakes are an important part of any celebrations. This is one custom that I hope with never go out of fashion. Even if decorated cakes are widely available, the best hostesses like to make a bold statement with her cakes.

Bakery Bar specializes in custom designs specifically tailored to your individual style. Their creations are stunning. They are cute, fun, fresh and stylish. In short, they exhibit my favorite qualities.

Gracious whimsical and organic themes

Many of their cake designs are inspired by nature. The bakers at Bakery Bar cleverly and realistically shape fruits, vegetables, plants and much more. Nothing looks tacky here. I would take pleasure in getting that kind of cakes for my upcoming wedding anniversary.

The whimsical Pirate cake for a kid birthday has the usual elements done in an appealing way. The houses / neighborhoods cakes talk to me; you feel a part of the community just by looking at it. If you belong to the welcoming committee of a club or if you are hosting a housewarming party, this rendering cannot be more apropos.

Bakery Bar takes pride in realizing harmonious artistic details and it shows. Since I never been to Portland, I went to yelp for reviews about the taste of their cakes. It was unanimous. The cakes at Bakery Bar are adorable and delicious.

Ready to bring home, small cakes for 2 are made every day. One yelp member, Alicia J. commented:

they say they serve 2 but really could serve 4 and at $12, they’re a steal considering the cost of desserts at other joints around town.

You can also buy nice cupcakes at Bakery Bar. Topping a cupcake tower with a small and high nicely decorated cake produces the best look. Explore their photo gallery; you will see the difference between the two looks.

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  • zeidy
    January 29, 2008 at 21:08

    i need a cake for my sister its gooing to a big party..and i need help to see how big should i get the cake..can you send me pictures of a 4 layer cake?


  • sheko
    September 29, 2009 at 18:07

    i love make cake ,please tell me how

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