Lifestream Wedding Anniversary Cake

photo lifestream wedding anniversary cake by lisa canning

Decorator and stylist Lisa Canning from Toronto sent me a tweet about the adorable and original cake they did for her in-law’s 30th wedding anniversary. The cake acts as a retrospective of the couple life.

The first tier was dedicated to the couple; the second depicted them and their kids. The final third row displays their kids as adults with kids. It is unique and personal way to bring back nice memories.

Putting all the pictures in black and white is the best way to unite old and new photos in a cohesive look. After scanning and sizing the pictures with Photoshop, the photos were printed on long strips of cardstock. Icing glued the pictures to the fondant exterior.

You could borrow this cake decorating idea for all types of events: graduation, sportive clubs, and birthdays.

+ image courtosy of It’s our Life in a Cake by Lisa Canning
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