Whimsical Cakes by LovinSullivanCakes

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A superbly decorated cake makes a statement at any party. Here are some adorable and fun cakes for a graduation party, a baby shower or a kid birthday party.

On LovinSullivanCake Web site, we can read that the owner Kate Sullivan learned baking and cake decorating from books, and many trial and error. She has more than learned it, she mastered it. Her designs are cutely refined.

If you always dream of creating your own fabulous birthday cakes, do not be shy to try a simpler version. Kate Sullivan is not only a cake decorator, she is also an author of a cook book. Grab a copy of her book Fun & Fancy Cake Decorating: Tips and Techniques for Decorating Unique Cakes for any Occasion to discover her tricks.

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+ Fun & Fancy Cake Decorating – price: $12.23 USD at Amazon
+ Motherwell Cake photographed by Jeff McNamara – rights reserved
+ Baby Wants To Roll Cake photographed by Kate Sullivan – rights reserved
+ Ark Cake photographed by David Levinthal – rights reserved
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