New Cakes by the Caketress

silver cuban wedding cake by the caketress

Almost one year ago, I talked about Lori Hutchinson, the super talented Canadian cake maker behind The Caketress. I went back to her site today to see what she has been to. She continues to be successful and carries on her signature style.

Wedding Cakes

silver cuban wedding cake by the caketress

She worked on two wedding cakes with an hispanic background. They each have their own character. It is hard to resist the pure elegance of her Silver Cuban wedding cake.

mexican theme wedding cake with hand painted sugar tiles by the caketress

For a Mexican-theme wedding, her approach was less formal. She put dozens of hand painted sugar tiles, all featuring a different pattern on a three-tier wedding cake. The pink flowers added the finishing touch.


birch tree mini-cakes by the caketress

I am a fan of miniature cakes; especially the individual portion cakes. They are easier to serve and make such a lasting impression at an event. For an anniversary, you could reserve the more elaborate version to the guest(s) of honor. Then, ask your cake designer to create an harmonizing design for the mini-cakes of your guests. Another option to manage the cost is to serve a small cake per couple or group of four. Look at the birch mini cakes she created for a “Spirit of Nature” tablescape.

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  • Julie
    June 7, 2010 at 20:21

    These cakes are so beautiful and I especially love the miniature earthy one.