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Two Modern Houses and A Cabin in Denmark

house n :: wooden house and guest quarter by planhaus :: summer cabin in denmark

I told you before that I dream of having someday a modern cabin at the top of hill facing a lake. Materialicious is a blog filled with modern architecture houses from across the globe.

Justin Anthony, a New Yorker currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona is the founding editor of Materialicious. He describes his blog as eye candy, pure and simple residential architecture and design.

House N

Located in Japan, House N is house within a house designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. The concept is very cool. Looking at all the pictures, especially the interior spaces, enables us to understand the genius behind the house space planning.

I would like to visit the House N to see if the magic continues in the real world. Photos by Iwan Bann (rights reserved)

Wooden House and Guest Quarter

One thing that I would like is a small guest house semi-detached from our cabin. I say, semi-detached in case we wish to use the cabin during the winter months.

Here a project done by a Architect firm in Vienna called planhaus . Looking at the picture taken during the construction, I do not grasp how this house is a prefab house as mentioned by Materialicious. But I am not an architect. Photos by Wolf Leeb (rights reserved)

Summer Cabin in Denmark

When you think about it, a small house can provide everything you need for a simple weekend getaway. I examined the floor plan of this cabin. If you can live with the super tiny bedrooms, Christensen & Co Arkitekter designed the perfect no-frills summer cabin. Photos by Adam Mørk (rights reserved)

+ Materialicious: House N, Planhaus prefab house and guest quarters, Summer Cabin in Denmark
+ Below the Clouds

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A Family House Turns Into Club Clive

modern architure house of clive wilkinson in los angeles

Can a family house be the ultimate entertaining house? It seems so by looking at the amazing modern house designed by architect Clive Wilkinson in Los Angeles.

Space Planning

This fabulous modern architecture house integrates a sense of togetherness. The house works wonderfully for entertaining because the plan emphasizes the flow of people, like the way nightclubs are designed.

But it is done at an house scale. The space planning encourages people’s interactions in an airy yet cozy environment.

Any family with young children wishes for a long communal dining table with a glass wall wide opened to the backyard next to a kitchen looking at the pool.

The place can accommodate lots of people at the same time without feeling crowded. People can play, swim, take a sunbath, prepare food and eat with the impression of being in the main area.

A Search for the Ideal Urban Starter Home

Even if his friends refer to his house as Club Clive, the house was not designed for partygoers. It was designed to compensate for the drawbacks of dense city life for families: the lack of usable outdoor space.

After you examined the house carefully, you see how it fits into the lifestyle of young families by trying to maximize the indoors-outdoors connection. It is funny because the 53 years old owner lives alone in this house.

The New York Times describes the plan of this 3,300-square-foot home in these terms:
“The house reduces the starter idea to bare essentials: two overlapping stucco barns (one contains a living room, the other the kitchen/dining areas and guest bedrooms) surrounding a pool and social space, with a third barn for a master bedroom suite.”

I would live in a house like that. Get the whole story on The New York Times.

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Modern Architecture Additions by Matt Gibson

matt gibson architectural, interior, landscape and furniture design services in australia

These are two modern architecture rear additions. Both present several challenges.

They were created by Matt Gibson, a design based Melbourne practice that provides architectural, interior, landscape and furniture design services.

Thomas Residential Project

The concept behind the renovation of the Thomas residence was an exercise in volume and proportions. The small sloped site required every last millimeter to be utilized.

I really like the way the kitchen is conceived. The floating bookcase wall proves that you can provide drama with a storage unit. I also like how the island connect to the stairs.

George Residential Project

The terrace and the multi-level pavilions house two central courtyards. The architect designed the central mirrored courtyard to act as a powerful interstitial space.

The front of the house is a Victorian cottage. The concept was to create a metaphorical bridge of history between the front and rear dwelling. You always need a connection or a transition when you mix two architecture styles in a single house.

+ Matt Gibson
Via Design To Inspire


Daily Quick Links | 2008.08.05 edition

magazine rack :: modern nursery :: modern glass house in chile

This is my daily collection of interesting stuff that I saw on the Web.

+ Design & Inredningsbloggen presents a wonderful idea to store magazines. The magazine storage box can be a great DIY project. I cannot tell you more since I do not understand Swedish.

+ Discover a remarkable nursery with an earthy feel. It is a staged room by Sam Moiler but it is full of inspirations. Via Emma designblogg

+ A room with 360 degrees view best describe this bachelor living at the foothills of the Chilean Andes designed by Del Río Núñez Arquitectos. One of most breathtaking houses I saw in my life. Via Apartment Therapy Chicago.

+ Jennifer of Design Hole featured my desk chair as the Chair of the Day. I still love The Aeron Chair.

+ If you published recipes in your blog, you may want to check How to Write A Recipe Like A Professional written by Sara Kate for The Kitchen.

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The 7 Links of the Week 2008.08.04

Every week, I compiled the list on Sunday from what bloggers published over the last 7 days.

1958 Edward Fickett house :: small dinner snack basket :: klein dytham leaf chapel

+ The Los Angeles Times talked about how a 1958 Edward Fickett house hangs on to its contemporary cool. The current owners are huge fan of this architect since this is their second Fickett house. The interior is a feast for the eyes. I really like the hip sun umbrella next to the pool. Via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

+ This pretty snack is from a collection of charming photos sent by emma to the famous Holly of Decor8 for Haug Maus, her latest blog project. Haus Maus is Holly’s diary about living part time in Germany.

+ Japan can be flooded with originality and unusual designs. Architect Klein Dytham imagined in 2004 a Leaf wedding chapel for a hotel resort. The design is technologically impressive and freshly romantic. Via The Scoop

+ Enter the tour of Kathy’s Modern Dollhouse Tour. What is impressive is that this collector lives in a 750 square feet, 3 rooms with no kitchen apartment. Via Apartment Therapy NYC

+ Integrating the light switch with the mail is handy. This resumes the concept behind the Letter Holder designed by four environmental design students who are learning their trade in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They called their collective Keep It Cartesian. Via Design Milk

+ Learn how to decorate a cake with basic flatware or everyday treats like After Eight and Red licorice on Rachel Ray Magazine. Via Sarah submission on Tastespotting

+ In celebration of the launch of the 2009 Catalogue IKEA opened a showroom store in downtown Toronto. It is now over. The temporary installation ran from July 31 to August 3, 2008. Via Bargainista


Modern Green Prefab Housing with Method Homes

method homes cabin :: prefab modern architecture by balance associates architects

One day, my husband and I wish to build our own modern cottage on a hill facing a lake. We are not ready yet but we are looking at options; it is better to be prepared.

With all the snows we get down here, this warm modern architecture, cantilevered roof prefabricated house may be our solution.

Designed by Balance associates architects from Seattle, the Modern Homes cabin has a pleasing design. Three lines of prefabricated cabins are available to meet your needs. The cabin can be one or two storey high. The plans are neither too big nor too small.

Completed in 3 months

The advantage of a prefabricated home is that it reduces the total construction time. Building on a lake is more complicated than building in the city. You do not have access to the stores if you are short on materials and you may need to bring specialized workers. Therefore, having a lot of factory-build components simplifies things.

Space Planning to Fit Your Lifestyle

My wish list includes a main section for the public spaces and two wings: a guest wing and our private area wing for the master bedroom, bathroom and home office. As a blogger and a host, this floor plan would fit my lifestyle.

The bridge that separates the guest rooms from the rest of the house is on my wish list. Having a guest wing has several advantages for you and your guests. It provides privacy to your guests, especially if they come with children. For you, it reduces the traffic and cleansing needs since it is inside to the main house. You can save on energy by reducing the temperature of the guest wing during winter.

Families will use the wing for the kid bedrooms, assuming the kids are old enough. You can design a wider bridge and place two single bedrooms for extra sleeping quarters.

Green House

All Method Homes models will target LEED for Homes 2.0 gold or higher. Visit their Method Homes for the list of sustainable materials and practices.

+ Method Homes
+ Rental info: Mount Baker Brand New Contemporary Cabin “The Method Cabin” – price: $250 USD/Night, $1500/Week
+ Via: Method Homes prefab [Dwell blog]

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Noye House by Stuart Tanner Architects | Modern Australian House – part 2

noye house by stuart tanner architects in tasmania

This simple modern family house makes me dream. The public rooms – kitchen, dining room and living room – sit upstairs to get the most of the views. A rational planning allows for privacy between parents and children.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Stuart Tanner Architects considers public space, landscape and urban design play in their work. Here, the entrance demarcation wall marks the transition between the street and the house.

The Noye House can be viewed as an evolution of the mid-century modernism that was popularized in California. I like it! I feel the design can appeal to lots of families.

Visit online Stuart Tanner Architects for more photos. Check out the Pirate Bay House at the same time. According to Inhabitat, the Pirate Bay House fuses the subtle, elegant lines of modern architecture with environmentally sustainable goals.

>>> Sourcing:
Images from Stuart Tanner Architects

+ Modern Australian House Showcase – part 1
+ Great Modern House in Australia

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Modern Australian House Showcase – part 1


I wish to share a little bit of my love for modern architecture houses today. This house is incredible on paper with two kitchens, a game room and 4 bedrooms.

Unfortunately, the interior pictures are sparse on the real estate site.

This house is beautiful without a doubt. It is easy to imagine the potential of this $1,975,000 AUD house. The total experience would be to see this house with some furniture.

Home Staging

It shows why home staging a house is important to get the best price. If you try to sell your home, make the most of every viewing by putting attention to lifestyle details.

Buyers want to look at more than empty rooms these days. Not every potential buyer is an interior designer or has developed the capability to see what a room will look like with furniture in it.

brisvegas :: australian modern house

You can see the difference that the right furniture and a suitable decor make by checking this other fabulous modern architecture house located in Brisbane, Australia.

Home Designed for Entertaining

I featured the second house last year to discuss the benefits of having a patio and a dining room opening up to the kitchen. This is still one of my favorite design plans.

>>> Sourcing:
Images from 6 Heirisson Way Coogee on – asking price: $1,975,000 AUD
Images from Modern in BrisVegas [design to inspire]

+ Noye house by Stuart Tanner Architects: Modern Australian House Showcase – Part 2

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It’s Hip to Be Square on Canadian House and Home

urban organic modern style :: house of Amanda Schuler and David Podsiaglo

If you guess that the couple who owns the urban organic modern home store Stylegarage in Toronto lives in a lofty space, you are right. Except that they accomplished the look in a suburban duplex.

Urban Modern Style

Their interior design borrows to the loft-chic style. You can feel the warm sensibility of the organic moderns style. The house has a lot of warmth due to an extensive use of wood.

Amanda Schuler and David Podsiaglo live in this house with their 18-month-old son. Let’s review their cool entertaining spaces that are featured on the June 2008 issue of Canadian House and Home magazine.

Dining Room

You may say another chalkboard. For me, it triggers childhood memories. So I still dream of a chalkboard wall in my own home.

The pendant light, cool wall-mounted wine rack, the table and chairs are all from their own Gus* at Stylegarage collection. They designed and manufactured the furniture under the brand Gus Design Group in Toronto.

Discover the design philosophy behind their kitchen and dining room by watching a video interview on Canadian House and Home. You get a better feel of the size and layout of the space in the video.

Low Maintenance, No Fuss Backyard

The backyard is a great example of a low maintenance urban backyard. A perfect solution if you prefer entertaining to gardening or taking care of the pool. Even if you prefer a different style of furniture, you can get inspired by the layout and divisions of the space. Make adjustments to fit your lifestyle and priorities.

I really like to get the long wood tray to serve my baguette bread. It looks so modernly chic.

+ Video: Loft-Style Living [Canadian House and Home]
+ Photo credits: by David Bagosy for Canadian House and Home June 2008 issue – pages 136-141 – rights reserved

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Picks of the Week on the blogosphere | 080301 issue


My choice this week from my fellow bloggers features a mix of stylish comfort food and modern architecture masterpieces.

While I make my weekly selection, I pay attention to find a harmony between the pictures in top of presenting you a great source of information on stylish living.

This week, my picks give some clues on color trends. Think orange, bright blues and greens for a cool factor. Also, you can reflect on how to integrate more circular shapes for food presentation.

My 4 picks of the week

The Kitchn for How to Boil an Egg: Eiko Egg Boilers from Vessel

I got the impression that some AT readers miss the point. This is to make soft-boiled eggs. If you like gadgets, you will love this new product from Vessel that can be used to eat the egg once it is half cooked. I do like the colorful aspect that Eiko will bring to my table.

Design*Sponge for in the kitchen with: béatrice peltre

Once more, Béatrice of La Tartine Gourmande stimulated all our senses with her beautiful food pictures. Here, she made a bicolor soup – potato soup + pea soup. Perfect for the remaining cold days until Spring really surfaces. She was the subject of a post on Design*Sponge.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles for J.Crew Goes to the Kaufmann House

As retailers want to upscale and bring an element of cool in their catalogue, they use iconic houses and places to try to convince. The Kaufmann House in Palm Strings is a Modernist masterpiece that is currently on sale. If you have millions lying around, you can still bet at the auction on May 13th, 2008.

J.Crew clothing lines are still not cool enough for me but the current intro of their Web style looks fantastic. The mid-century modern trend is not over yet. Will this trend suffer from marketing exposure by mainstream retailers?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco for Snee-oosh Cabin by Zero Plus Architects

Everyone wishes to own a getaway house from the city. This beautiful example of modern architecture tries to minimize its footprint on the planet. Snee-oosh Cabin was designed by Seattle architecture and design studio Zero Plus Architects. I love the design. You can see interior shots on Apartment Therapy San Francisco.

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Trend report: Pod living by Jade Jagger calls for stress-free entertaining

Pod living at The Jade 16 West 19 Street, Central Chelsea in New York

What is interesting about the Pod living concept is really the fact that you can quickly hide your mess by just closing the doors. It works like a charm if you suddenly have the urge to host a cocktail party at your place.

When you watch the media you feel that a key feature of the The Jade, a 57-unit condominium building in New York City is definitely the Pods. Developed by Yoo, a venture lead by John Hitchcox, Philippe Starck and Jade Jagger, the Pod is the realization of a principle we explored in my interior design education ten years ago.

What is the concept behind the Pod?

Enclosed within a single cube are meticulously laid-out utility rooms for the apartment. One Pod hosts the kitchen, the bathroom, the storage unit and even a washer/dryer closet as a free standing unit. Everything is hidden away with floor to ceiling doors. This design is tailored for small open space living.

If you are living in a loft, you can custom made your own Pod living. Choose the kitchen unit that you like, a closet for the entrance next to a storage unit. The pod does not have to be a perfectly rectangular shape either. This will give you more flexibility in the design of the space.

Like I said earlier, the Pod concept is nothing new. It has been studied before to find efficient way to live in small spaces over the modern eras. You can examine how luxury yacht kitchen units and RV are made to get ideas on how to place things in limited spaces.

Just remember that the idea behind the Pod is to centralize the utilities and to use it as a room separator. The more practical design will enable walking around the unit for all sides. Talk to kitchen cabinet makers to help you with the design of the unit. And make sure to include your contractor and your architect in the discussions for the technical aspects.

Not just for small kitchen

The bottom-to-top kitchen doors are not just for small spaces. You can build a regular size kitchen around that same principle. It looks sleek and neat. The door must disappear inside the unit while you are using the kitchen. The hardware is widely available nowadays.

My kitchen will be designed this way when we will be ready to build our summer house. My husband and I want a modern architecture 2-story house. I want as much as possible to integrate all the storage neatly around the perimeter of the house. I plan to use pod inspired block as room divider for the public area.

About Yoo

John Hitchcox is one of Europe’s most innovative design-based property developers. If you like design, Philippe Starck does not introduction with successful creations as diverse as packaging, everyday household products to restaurant interiors and hotel designs. Jade Jagger is a jewelry designer. Being the daughter of Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger and former fashion model Bianca Jagger, Jade is a globe trotter and a jet setter with an interesting life. Andy Warhol teaches her color theory when she was 4.

For my night post, I will introduce the second exquisite features of The Jade: its urban oasis roof terrace done in a totally different style. Be ready to get inspired by Ibiza, Spain and the Mediterranean hip lifestyle.

Learn more: The Jade 16 West 19 Street, Central Chelsea in New York
Learn more: Web site of Yoo