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Two Modern Houses and A Cabin in Denmark

house n :: wooden house and guest quarter by planhaus :: summer cabin in denmark

I told you before that I dream of having someday a modern cabin at the top of hill facing a lake. Materialicious is a blog filled with modern architecture houses from across the globe.

Justin Anthony, a New Yorker currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona is the founding editor of Materialicious. He describes his blog as eye candy, pure and simple residential architecture and design.

House N

Located in Japan, House N is house within a house designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. The concept is very cool. Looking at all the pictures, especially the interior spaces, enables us to understand the genius behind the house space planning.

I would like to visit the House N to see if the magic continues in the real world. Photos by Iwan Bann (rights reserved)

Wooden House and Guest Quarter

One thing that I would like is a small guest house semi-detached from our cabin. I say, semi-detached in case we wish to use the cabin during the winter months.

Here a project done by a Architect firm in Vienna called planhaus . Looking at the picture taken during the construction, I do not grasp how this house is a prefab house as mentioned by Materialicious. But I am not an architect. Photos by Wolf Leeb (rights reserved)

Summer Cabin in Denmark

When you think about it, a small house can provide everything you need for a simple weekend getaway. I examined the floor plan of this cabin. If you can live with the super tiny bedrooms, Christensen & Co Arkitekter designed the perfect no-frills summer cabin. Photos by Adam Mørk (rights reserved)

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