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It’s Hip to Be Square on Canadian House and Home

urban organic modern style :: house of Amanda Schuler and David Podsiaglo

If you guess that the couple who owns the urban organic modern home store Stylegarage in Toronto lives in a lofty space, you are right. Except that they accomplished the look in a suburban duplex.

Urban Modern Style

Their interior design borrows to the loft-chic style. You can feel the warm sensibility of the organic moderns style. The house has a lot of warmth due to an extensive use of wood.

Amanda Schuler and David Podsiaglo live in this house with their 18-month-old son. Let’s review their cool entertaining spaces that are featured on the June 2008 issue of Canadian House and Home magazine.

Dining Room

You may say another chalkboard. For me, it triggers childhood memories. So I still dream of a chalkboard wall in my own home.

The pendant light, cool wall-mounted wine rack, the table and chairs are all from their own Gus* at Stylegarage collection. They designed and manufactured the furniture under the brand Gus Design Group in Toronto.

Discover the design philosophy behind their kitchen and dining room by watching a video interview on Canadian House and Home. You get a better feel of the size and layout of the space in the video.

Low Maintenance, No Fuss Backyard

The backyard is a great example of a low maintenance urban backyard. A perfect solution if you prefer entertaining to gardening or taking care of the pool. Even if you prefer a different style of furniture, you can get inspired by the layout and divisions of the space. Make adjustments to fit your lifestyle and priorities.

I really like to get the long wood tray to serve my baguette bread. It looks so modernly chic.

+ Video: Loft-Style Living [Canadian House and Home]
+ Photo credits: by David Bagosy for Canadian House and Home June 2008 issue – pages 136-141 – rights reserved

  • Nathalie Rivard
    May 16, 2008 at 18:07

    It’s a small world. I worked with Amanda years ago when she was in the advertising business. I remember her starting this business with her partner. They always had the flair to find great furniture!