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The 7 Links of the Week 2008.08.04

Every week, I compiled the list on Sunday from what bloggers published over the last 7 days.

1958 Edward Fickett house :: small dinner snack basket :: klein dytham leaf chapel

+ The Los Angeles Times talked about how a 1958 Edward Fickett house hangs on to its contemporary cool. The current owners are huge fan of this architect since this is their second Fickett house. The interior is a feast for the eyes. I really like the hip sun umbrella next to the pool. Via Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

+ This pretty snack is from a collection of charming photos sent by emma to the famous Holly of Decor8 for Haug Maus, her latest blog project. Haus Maus is Holly’s diary about living part time in Germany.

+ Japan can be flooded with originality and unusual designs. Architect Klein Dytham imagined in 2004 a Leaf wedding chapel for a hotel resort. The design is technologically impressive and freshly romantic. Via The Scoop

+ Enter the tour of Kathy’s Modern Dollhouse Tour. What is impressive is that this collector lives in a 750 square feet, 3 rooms with no kitchen apartment. Via Apartment Therapy NYC

+ Integrating the light switch with the mail is handy. This resumes the concept behind the Letter Holder designed by four environmental design students who are learning their trade in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They called their collective Keep It Cartesian. Via Design Milk

+ Learn how to decorate a cake with basic flatware or everyday treats like After Eight and Red licorice on Rachel Ray Magazine. Via Sarah submission on Tastespotting

+ In celebration of the launch of the 2009 Catalogue IKEA opened a showroom store in downtown Toronto. It is now over. The temporary installation ran from July 31 to August 3, 2008. Via Bargainista