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Modern Architecture Additions by Matt Gibson

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These are two modern architecture rear additions. Both present several challenges.

They were created by Matt Gibson, a design based Melbourne practice that provides architectural, interior, landscape and furniture design services.

Thomas Residential Project

The concept behind the renovation of the Thomas residence was an exercise in volume and proportions. The small sloped site required every last millimeter to be utilized.

I really like the way the kitchen is conceived. The floating bookcase wall proves that you can provide drama with a storage unit. I also like how the island connect to the stairs.

George Residential Project

The terrace and the multi-level pavilions house two central courtyards. The architect designed the central mirrored courtyard to act as a powerful interstitial space.

The front of the house is a Victorian cottage. The concept was to create a metaphorical bridge of history between the front and rear dwelling. You always need a connection or a transition when you mix two architecture styles in a single house.

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