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    Track Your Time and Your Priorities with a Watch Diary and a Long Sticky Note Pad

    watch diary

    I always look for ways to track my time more efficiently. I am torn between the paper agenda and a Web tool. It is a constant switch between the two. Lately, I started to miss the use of a pen.

    What I like about the Watch Diary is that you can visualize your day. You can see if what you plan to do can fit and compare your estimates to the actual time it took you to do a task. Since time management is always tricky, I like a method that enables me to better schedule my time.

    watch diary
    sourcing: Watch Diary $17 USD at Connect design

    Wonjune Song imagined a different type of agenda. His Watch Diary serves not only to track your time but indicate how you are doing in regard to your schedule. The “red hand” of the watch indicates what you should be doing now (your current task), the “before hand” refers past chores and the “forward hand” indicates what you should be doing next. It is a tool to 1) Schedule your time more carefully and to 2) Check it more efficiently.

    The Watch Diary contains two sections: 126 pages for scheduling and tracking your time and 70 pages to write ideas and collect slips. If your work requires that you are on the run often, it could be handy to keep everything in one place. I am tempted to try it to see how well its performs.

    clock agenda page details

    To Manage your Priorities and Keep Notes

    If you need to keep a to-do list nest to your computer, have a look at this cute note pad. This long sticky note pad is designed for writing memos as well as resting your wrists while you type. 50 sheets of “Post-it style” paper rest over a sponge pad.

    desk plus note pad
    sourcing: Desk Plus Note Pad $5 USD at Connect Design

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