Kitchen Tip: Protect Your Cookbook Pages

martha stewart page protector kitchen tip

martha stewart page protector kitchen tip

With gorgeous photography and clever text, cookbooks are the new coffee table books. The only downside? Actually putting them to use in the kitchen, lest they fall prey to a sauce splatter here or a grease spot there.

That’s why I loved this “Good Things” tip spotted in the February 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living: just slip your favorite cookbook inside a large, zippered plastic envelope – available at specialized office supply stores and packaging stores – to protect pages from kitchen messes.

+ Clear Zippered Envelope at the Container Store, from $2.99 USD
+ Filexec Zipper Envelope from Amazon.com, $13.99 USD (set of 6)
+ Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes cookbook from Amazon.com, $14.04 USD