Wonderful Washi Tape

washi tape diy vase makeover

washi tape chiclectic pattern colour

Have you fallen for washi tape yet? Crafters and DIYers have found so many creative uses for this Japanese tape made from handmade paper.

Available in a variety of colours, patterns and prints, washi tape can transform gift wrapping, paper crafts, wedding and party accessories, and even simple decor items.

Apartment Therapy posted a fun collection of ideas for decorating with washi tape, including everything from DIY wall art, to an easy vase makeover featured on A Creative Mint.

How About Orange posted two fun vases in her signature colour – the variations are amazing, inspiring and – best of all – temporary, so you can change things up to suit your style or the season. This is a fun option for winter months, when you may not be able to find your favourite blooms.

washi tape diy vase makeover

Because of its new found popularity, you don’t need to take a trip to Japan to pick up a few rolls. Major craft stores and art supply stores have made washi tape a regular part of their rotation.

Online paper shop Omiyage has an amazing selection (plus other fun Japanese paper supplies) and Etsy is loaded with cool patterns and colours.

Are you addicted to using washi tape in your crafts or DIY projects too? Tell us how you’ve put it to use!


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