Cake Vintage’s Paper Placemats

place setting placemat backdrop for a rich chocolate cake

place setting placemat backdrop for a rich chocolate cake

When I first laid my eyes on the 6-layer rich chocolate cake by Sweetapolita, I immediately recognized the style of the kitchen paper placemats by Cake Vintage. I received the Italian Scroll Placemat Pad at Christmas. The styled photos of Sweetapolita show this product in all its splendor.

What is cool with paper placemats is that you can enhance the design to fit the occasion by writing on the paper. You could write down the menu or use them to assign the place of your guests at your dinner table.

Italian scroll placemat pad by cake vintage

If you are having a bug party is an affordable solution to dress your buffet or dining table. Each 50-sheet placemat pad costs about $20. They are made with soy based inks and 30% recycled content. They make coordinating menu notepad. You can buy the Perfect Setting Placemat pad used for the cake shoots on Cake Vintage or at Anthropologie (they are called Fine Dining placemats on Anthropologie’s Web site).

fine dining paper placemats

Oh, and do not miss to check the recipe of the rich chocolate cake on Sweetapolita.

+ Kitchen  Papers Collection by Cake Vintage – $20 USD for a placemat pad, $10 for a menu notepad
+ Fine Dining Placemats $24 USD at Anthropologie
+ Campfire Delight: 6-Layer Rich Chocolate Malted & Toasted Marshmallow Cake from Sweetapolita

  • postcards and pretties
    March 8, 2011 at 10:20

    I love those placemats! so fun!!!

  • Stephanie
    March 9, 2011 at 23:21

    That cake is as pretty as the placemats! Love how they fashioned the frosting.