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5 lost classic cocktails on :: fresh versus frozen, canned  fruits and vegetables

As you might already know, I sometimes worked as a freelance writer for other media. I wrote two articles earlier this winter for the Web site of Food Network Canada. Because of my travel, I forgot to invite you to read them.

Cocktail recipes

The first one talked about 5 Lost Classic Cocktails that are enjoying a new popularity. I give you my own favorite recipes based as close as possible to the original recipes.

Discover the story behind the Negroni, the Classic Champagne cocktail, the Mojito, the Black Russian and the classic Margarita. One precision is that I do prefer my margarita with 100% agave Silver tequila and Grand Marnier.

A couple weeks ago, I enjoyed an excellent White Russian served with a white and milk chocolate curl at the Library Bar of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. The menu of the Library Bar is filled with historical drinks.

Fresh versus Frozen / Canned

Titled The Winter Dilemma, the second article tells the facts about which are the most nutritious fruits and vegetables at winter time. You will see the answer is not as clean cut as it seems.


Host a Chinese New Year Party on

chinese new year entertaining guide

February 7, 2008 marks the start of the Year of the Rat. It is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

If you have nothing planned for tonight, there is still plenty of time to improvise with the quick entertaining guide I wrote for the Web site of Food Network Canada.

About the decor

I illustrated some of the key elements of the party so you know what to look for to design your décor. I took the picture of the red lanterns while I was visiting Las Vegas two weeks ago. There are the kind of lanterns you should look for.

If you live in a town with a Chinatown neighborhood, you will have no problems finding the red lanterns, a trio of spring couplets or the red envelops for the pocket money. Wrap your party favors in red packet or small bags.

Decorate the table with red and gold accents. Make a centerpiece in an instant by nicely arranging a bowl of oranges and tangerines. Display some with the leaves on, if you can.

What to eat?

If you have no time to cook, Chinese food take-outs can come to your rescue. Make sure to order spring rolls, dishes with noodles plus several dishes with fish and chicken.

I also prepared a list of recipes taken from you wish to cook, try any of my suggested recipes. They are simple to prepare.

Fortune station

Chef Michael Smith showed us how to quickly make your own fortune cookies. When they arrive ask your guests to write three fortune. Set up a station with pens and cut paper pieces.

Wear a red dress and you are ready to enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Read my article on Food Network Canada to understand the symbolism behind the various elements of the Chinese New Year. This way, you can easily host a meaningful Chinese New Year party.

Gung Hey Fat Choy — Happy New Year and be prosperous!

Photo credit: Spring Festival Couplets by poorfish
Photo credit: Lion Dance by stu_spivack
Photo credit: Chinese Buddhist New Year, Amsterdam by Cookiemouse
Photo credit: dbs red packet by hermanwest
Learn more: Host a Chinese New Year Party by Kim Vallee, entertaining expert on


Twice in the news today

Le TVA 17 heures

I had an eventful day which is why I did not publish a post earlier. This will wait until tomorrow because I had to finish wrapping all my gifts before we head off for our Holiday resort.

This morning

I was interviewed about two weeks ago by a journalist from the Journal de Montreal, the most popular daily newspaper in Quebec. Jessica Nadeau was writing about party etiquette. A photograph came and took my picture at the office.

The article was published this morning. See here what Wikipedia says about Le Journal de Montreal.

This afternoon

Then, just before noon, I got a phone call from a researcher of Le TVA 17 heures, a popular news TV show. They discovered me by reading the article this morning. She asked some questions and if I would be willing to be on the show around 17:30 for a 3 minutes live interview with Pierre Bruneau.

It was my first time experience on a major TV show. I was interviewed once in the past on TV but for a show on a small TV channel. TVA is by far the premier TV channel in Quebec. The good think is that I liked the experience and have a good idea of how to improve my performance next time.

Finally, they asked me to film at a location where I could set up a table (it is great that I stocked tableware props at home).

My husband Jerome took a video of the preparations while the cameraman was filming the teaser. I will go through the process in another post.

It was an eventful day for sure. My Christmas shopping is completed and wrapped. So I can go eat dinner now.


Inspiring the readers of for Holiday entertaining


You can imagine that being published on a publication for the first time is a great feeling. I am sharing the good news with you.

I wrote two articles for the Entertaining Guides of Food Network Canada. Even better, my subjects are two styles that are dear to me.

I wrote about a French Country Fête and a Scandinavian Modern Christmas. Tips on the menu, the tableware, Christmas decorations and the music define the unique character of each celebration.

Take a look. Four more Holiday celebrations complete their Holiday Entertaining guides. I am doubly happy that my two articles made their Our Top Picks list. It is time to go back reality now.

Get inspired: French Country Christmas Guide on
Get inspired: Throw a Scandinavian Modern Christmas at
Photo credit (bottom): Pont Aux Choux dinnerware by Gien – photo taken by me at Arthur Quentin