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As you might already know, I sometimes worked as a freelance writer for other media. I wrote two articles earlier this winter for the Web site of Food Network Canada. Because of my travel, I forgot to invite you to read them.

Cocktail recipes

The first one talked about 5 Lost Classic Cocktails that are enjoying a new popularity. I give you my own favorite recipes based as close as possible to the original recipes.

Discover the story behind the Negroni, the Classic Champagne cocktail, the Mojito, the Black Russian and the classic Margarita. One precision is that I do prefer my margarita with 100% agave Silver tequila and Grand Marnier.

A couple weeks ago, I enjoyed an excellent White Russian served with a white and milk chocolate curl at the Library Bar of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. The menu of the Library Bar is filled with historical drinks.

Fresh versus Frozen / Canned

Titled The Winter Dilemma, the second article tells the facts about which are the most nutritious fruits and vegetables at winter time. You will see the answer is not as clean cut as it seems.

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