Twice in the news today

Le TVA 17 heures

I had an eventful day which is why I did not publish a post earlier. This will wait until tomorrow because I had to finish wrapping all my gifts before we head off for our Holiday resort.

This morning

I was interviewed about two weeks ago by a journalist from the Journal de Montreal, the most popular daily newspaper in Quebec. Jessica Nadeau was writing about party etiquette. A photograph came and took my picture at the office.

The article was published this morning. See here what Wikipedia says about Le Journal de Montreal.

This afternoon

Then, just before noon, I got a phone call from a researcher of Le TVA 17 heures, a popular news TV show. They discovered me by reading the article this morning. She asked some questions and if I would be willing to be on the show around 17:30 for a 3 minutes live interview with Pierre Bruneau.

It was my first time experience on a major TV show. I was interviewed once in the past on TV but for a show on a small TV channel. TVA is by far the premier TV channel in Quebec. The good think is that I liked the experience and have a good idea of how to improve my performance next time.

Finally, they asked me to film at a location where I could set up a table (it is great that I stocked tableware props at home).

My husband Jerome took a video of the preparations while the cameraman was filming the teaser. I will go through the process in another post.

It was an eventful day for sure. My Christmas shopping is completed and wrapped. So I can go eat dinner now.

  • Mlle Fabiola. B
    December 21, 2007 at 00:10

    Bonjour Mme Vallée,
    j’ai vu le reportage que vous avez fait à TVA ce soir et je l’ai trouvé EXTRAORDINAIRE!
    j’aimerai savoir si vous donnez des cours ou conférence ou si il y a une école sur le sujet(art de recevoir,manière et table…)Je serai vivement intéréssée!
    Je trouve cela important car les bonnes manières de notre société actuelle ont disparues.

    Je vous remercie d’avance.
    Bonne journée.

    Mlle Fabiola.B

  • Kati
    December 28, 2007 at 16:31

    congratulations, that is fabulous news!