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LookBook: Geometric Orange At Your Table

retro orange and blue

It is no secret that I love orange as much as I love modern style. I like so much the clean lines of the city tea towel that I present you to way to mix geometric patterns with it.

Option 1

retro orange and blue

Shown here: City Series Tea Towel $22 USD at Lekker Home | Blocks Fabric from Melinki Two collection by Scion (part of Harlequin Group) |  Circa Aqua Bowl $9.95 USD at Crate and Barrel

Option 2

retro orange inspired table linens

Shown here: City Series Tea Towel $22 USD at Lekker Home | Studio Oh! Heavyweight Paper Placemats $19.99 USD at | Atom Art Bowl $8 USD at Anthropologie

Which board do you prefer?


Pink and Orange Little Monkey Valentine Party Theme

little monkey cupcakes

little monkey cupcakes

I’m glad that the New York photographer now based in California Djamilla Rosa Cochran told me about the fabulous “Let’s Monkey Around” sock puppet party that she photographed. You might have seen it featured on the blog of Amy Atlas. Let’s discuss why you should consider a pink and orange color scheme for your Valentine’s Day party.

monkey pop cakes

It is OK to refrain your use of red on Valentine’s Day. Here, the typical red is used sparsely or as a support while the orange and pink steal the show. The result is fresh, bold and playful, just like my Jonathan Alder’s Chevron Pink Toilet Roll Cover for Cottonelle. By the way, I was glad when I saw it inside the swag bag that I received at the Canadian Design Bloggers meetup. The cute toilet roll cover now cheers up my powder room.

monkey sock puppet dessert table for valentine's day

Going back to the party colors, I like the childish elements that would be cute even for grown ups. Tell me who can resist to the charm of monkey sock puppets?

This party is a team effort from California-based vendors. Marjenah of Candy Bar Couture created the dessert table. Jazzy Cupcakes modernly decorated the cupcakes while Cake Pop-in did the cake pops. If you do it yourself, do not be afraid to work with several vendors for a party. Communicating well the colors is key to get a cohesive dessert table. To make sure that everyone is on the same track, rely on colors from paint fans or the Pantone colors to communicate your color choices.

+ photos by Djamilla Rosa Cochran of The Rose Weddings



Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas

halloween parfait topped with a witch hat

halloween parfait topped with a witch hat

The first idea that caught my eye are these DIY witch hats that topped a poisoned parfait from the Bewitched Halloween bash designed by Paula of Frog Price Paperie. The witch hat decorates the spoon; there are no instructions but it is not hard to figure out how she hand crafted them. It could become a wonderful art project to do with your kids on a weekend afternoon.

halloween donuts on a broomstick

From the same party, I love her donuts on a broomstick idea! You can create your own broomsticks with rafia and wood skewers.

candy bar at a gender-neutral baby shower :: orange palette

The third idea illustrates an affordable container solution to create your own candy bar.

+ Bewitched Halloween bash at Hostess with the Mostess – photos by Heather Stine Photography
+ photos: Elephant and Alphabet baby shower styled by Fresh Chick Design Studio


Cool Tools | Julienne Peelers

julienne peeler carrots kitchen tools

One of the best things about ordering a salad in a great restaurant is that it’s often too pretty to eat. Vegetables are sliced and diced in decorative ways you’d probably never attempt if you were tossing one together at home. I always get a kick out of finely julienned carrots that look like bright orange silly string on a plate.

Though you may think it takes expert chopping skills to produce such delightful results, there’s a kitchen tool that can do most of the work. A julienne peeler is a very affordable kitchen addition that can add a bit of fun to your dishes and save you a bit of prep work. Use it to slice veggies them for salad, stir fry, spring or cold rolls.

Carrots are the obvious target for this easy-to-use tool, but it would work just as well on beets, cucumbers, zucchini or on potatoes to create pomme frites.

We rounded up a few options at various price points, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one in a kitchen supply store.

1. Progressive Julienne Peeler from Kitchen Stuff Plus $4.99 CAD
2. Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler with blade protector, $20 CAD
3. Messermeister 800-60 Pro Touch Julienne Cutter from, $7.12 CAD
4. Zyliss Julienne Peeler from, $7.99 CAD


Owl Theme for a Bathroom

give a hoot shower curtain

give a hoot shower curtain

The owl theme is popular for a nursery and invites. Now, you can have it for your bathroom decor. Last Friday afternoon, I took a few hours off the baby world for a quick stop of one of my favorite stores in Montreal, Maison Simons. I often buy at Simons my everyday kitchen linens. I stopped by the bathroom department to check the bathroom accessories since I need a soap dispenser for my baby son’s bathroom.

orange chenille bath rug

I stopped by the shower curtain section. Changing the shower curtain is a quick and easy way to update a decor. The Give a Hoot shower curtain caught my eye. I would coordinate it with that orange chenille bath rug. I like it so much that I’m contemplating the idea of putting this playful theme in my baby son’s bathroom, even though I already bought a shower curtain.

orange and blue bathroom accessories

Consider these bright bathroom accessories to continue on the orange and blue theme. The colors are invigorating as the idea that Spring is here.

orange and blue bath towels

Note that Maison Simons now runs an online store. Unfortunately, only a subset of their merchandise is available online.

Orange chenille bath rug $30 CAD at Maison Simons
+ Zesty citrus bathroom accessories $5 – $20 CAD


Desktop Storage from Present and Correct | Etsy Finds

A paper clip here, a rogue row of staples or collection of pens there: your desk can quickly become a cluttered scene of office supply odds-and-ends.

Which is why I love this all-in-one tower of miniature drawers from London-based online paper goods and design shop Present & Correct. The drawers are the perfect size to collect small office must-haves with built-in vertical vessels for taller items like pens, pencils and scissors. It packs a lot of organizational punch in a compact size, leaving plenty of space on your desk to actually do some work.

homework leather pencil case

Present and Correct also operates a sister site where they sell their own cards, notebooks, rubber stamps, labels and this educational leather pencil case.

+ Red Desk Drawers from Present and Correct, £45.00
+ Homework Leather Pencil Case by presentandcorrect on Etsy, $31.50 USD


Citrus Centerpieces by O.XIDE Design

citrus centerpieces by o.xide design

citrus centerpieces by o.xide design

For this event, O.XIDE Design gave a modern twist to fruit and floral arrangements. They feel fresh and inviting. I like them a lot! They used white vases as pedestals. Look for casual chic centerpieces like those whenever you are planning a special brunch or dinner party.

citrus centerpieces with a tall arrangement for a drink station

I am taking notes for designing my drink station. If you plan to make your own, you will need a tall glass cylinder vase to execute it. Aim for vases that are 2 feet or more. Your local florists are a good place to start shopping for tall glass vases.

+ O.XIDE Design’s portfolio – photos by Amélie Cousineau
+ 23″ tall Clear Glass Cylinder Vase $22 at Save on Crafts


Orange and Green Halloween Tabletops

green and black tabletop for Halloween

modern orange hues halloween tabletop ideas

My first idea was to create a mood board for modern black and orange Halloween table. To do so, I incorporated elements that are not typical Halloween decorations. I decided to play with orange shades to see if it will add a new dimension to the classic theme. Stacking a bunch of Asian bowls create a unique centerpiece. And the best part is that you will get to reuse the bowls the rest of year.

Green for Halloween

green and black tabletop for Halloween

But not everyone wishes for the traditional orange and black tabletop. So, I started to experiment with green and black. The awesome mummy vases add a playful touch. They go so well with mummy wrapped cookies and “Mummy Veggie Dip” tray featured on Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween magazine.

mummy vegetable dip tray and mummy wrapped cookies for Halloween

In both cases, I suggest to put a spider web tablecloth on top of a solid tablecloth. I pair that with a modern style black and white dinnerware and black stemware. I would finish the look with white cotton or linen napkins.

+ Spiderweb Tablecloth Halloween $34.99 at [affiliate link]
+ Tradition Wine Glass Set $25 USD / $26.25 CAD for set of 6 at Potiron
+ Milano Dinnerware Set $65 USD / $68.25 CAD for 4 place settings
+ Wilt-Proof Centerpieces at Martha Stewart
+ Mummy Vases and Mommy Food from Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween – via Hostess with the Mostess


DIY Halloween Table Without Any Tricks

Halloween napkin rings

Halloween napkin rings

This simple table from The Thrifty Crafter is a great example of how you can have still have a little Halloween fun without going all out.

Halloween Napkin Ring with orange dyed napkins

Chances are you already have plain white dishes and black placemats. Add orange napkins (you can even dye them yourself using her tutorial) and use a black feather boa to make napkin rings that look like a black cat’s tail. Place a few orange and white mini pumpkins down the centre of the table and you’re done!

+ Hand Dyed Napkin Tutorial from The Thrifty Crafter
+ Feather Napkin Tutorial from The Thrifty Crafter


Thanksgiving Menu in Yellow and Orange

fall beet salad recipe by chat n' chow

fall beet salad recipe by chat n' chow

The Canadian Thanksgiving is this Monday. I scoured recipes on the Web to compose a tasty, family-friendly menu to celebrate the fall harvesting season.


+ For the welcome cocktail hour, you can’t go wrong with this Roasted Vegetable Spread or Dip by Dara at Cookin’ Canuck. Serve it with an assortment of pita breads cut in triangular pieces, slice of whole wheat baguette and homemade croutons. Provide a second choice to your guests with my 2-Minute Smoked Salmon Mousse Recipe.

+ Start the sit-down dinner meal with a Fantastic Fall Beet Salad. For this recipe, Lauren of  Chat N’ Chow served roasted beet layers with radicchio, endive and crumbles of Gorgonzola. Yum!

Main Course

main course for thanksgiving :: amaretto chicken and chipotle mashed potatoe

+ Why not make a Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes as one of your side dishes? For the second side dish, opt for something lighter like yellow and green beans. Kim of Liv Life adapted a recipe from Cooking Light.


+ If you dare to not roast a turkey, give a try to the Amaretto Chicken recipe by Cathy of Lolfoodie. Her recipe blends the flavor of goat cheese, prosciutto, mushrooms and Amaretto liquor in a wrapped chicken breast. It’s elegant!

desserts for thanksgiving :: pear and apple Galette recipe + pear and apricot tart

+ For dessert, I suggest either the individual Caramel Apple Crostata by Evan at swEEts or the
Apple and Pear Galette by Erin at Naturally Ella. Another option would be the Pear and Dried Apricot Tart at Real Simple.


Campari Citrus Ice Pops and Sorbet

campari sorbet recipe by Liz Vidyarthi for mowielicious

campari with grapefruit or orange icepops

I was in awe when I saw those grown up pops. I love Campari. And with the hot weather – it will be another 35ºC (94°F) today – everyone is craving for ice pops. I will definitely make my batch of Campari Citrus Ice Pops for a BBQ. You will find on Zested the recipe for Campari ‘n Grapefruit pops and for Campari ‘n Orange Pops.

campari sorbet recipe by Liz Vidyarthi for mowielicious

And then, I saw another recipe by Liz Vidyarthi of Zested. This time, she made a Campari sorbet. She did not stop there, she fashioned them as orange for an ultimate chic look. Divine!

+ Campari ice pop recipes – photos by Liz Vidyarthi for Zested
+ Campari sorbet recipe – photos by by Liz Vidyarthi for Mowielicious