Desktop Storage from Present and Correct | Etsy Finds

A paper clip here, a rogue row of staples or collection of pens there: your desk can quickly become a cluttered scene of office supply odds-and-ends.

Which is why I love this all-in-one tower of miniature drawers from London-based online paper goods and design shop Present & Correct. The drawers are the perfect size to collect small office must-haves with built-in vertical vessels for taller items like pens, pencils and scissors. It packs a lot of organizational punch in a compact size, leaving plenty of space on your desk to actually do some work.

homework leather pencil case

Present and Correct also operates a sister site where they sell their own cards, notebooks, rubber stamps, labels and this educational leather pencil case.

+ Red Desk Drawers from Present and Correct, £45.00
+ Homework Leather Pencil Case by presentandcorrect on Etsy, $31.50 USD