Campari Citrus Ice Pops and Sorbet

campari sorbet recipe by Liz Vidyarthi for mowielicious

campari with grapefruit or orange icepops

I was in awe when I saw those grown up pops. I love Campari. And with the hot weather – it will be another 35ºC (94°F) today – everyone is craving for ice pops. I will definitely make my batch of Campari Citrus Ice Pops for a BBQ. You will find on Zested the recipe for Campari ‘n Grapefruit pops and for Campari ‘n Orange Pops.

campari sorbet recipe by Liz Vidyarthi for mowielicious

And then, I saw another recipe by Liz Vidyarthi of Zested. This time, she made a Campari sorbet. She did not stop there, she fashioned them as orange for an ultimate chic look. Divine!

+ Campari ice pop recipes – photos by Liz Vidyarthi for Zested
+ Campari sorbet recipe – photos by by Liz Vidyarthi for Mowielicious

  • MindfulTable
    July 7, 2010 at 14:47

    More funky popsicles and ices, these ones with Campari from @kimvallee http://bit.ly/9n0Tcm

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  • liz (zested)
    July 13, 2010 at 17:47

    Hey – Glad you liked them! I’ve eaten them pretty much nonstop for the last few weeks (all for research purposes, of course).