Cool Tools | Julienne Peelers

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One of the best things about ordering a salad in a great restaurant is that it’s often too pretty to eat. Vegetables are sliced and diced in decorative ways you’d probably never attempt if you were tossing one together at home. I always get a kick out of finely julienned carrots that look like bright orange silly string on a plate.

Though you may think it takes expert chopping skills to produce such delightful results, there’s a kitchen tool that can do most of the work. A julienne peeler is a very affordable kitchen addition that can add a bit of fun to your dishes and save you a bit of prep work. Use it to slice veggies them for salad, stir fry, spring or cold rolls.

Carrots are the obvious target for this easy-to-use tool, but it would work just as well on beets, cucumbers, zucchini or on potatoes to create pomme frites.

We rounded up a few options at various price points, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one in a kitchen supply store.

1. Progressive Julienne Peeler from Kitchen Stuff Plus $4.99 CAD
2. Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler with blade protector, $20 CAD
3. Messermeister 800-60 Pro Touch Julienne Cutter from, $7.12 CAD
4. Zyliss Julienne Peeler from, $7.99 CAD